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Latest News:

Track Vacation Time with TimeSheet Reporter

Track Vacation Time with TimeSheet Reporter You probably know that you can track time on customer projects, internal projects, etc. with TimeSheet Reporter. Did you know that you can also track vacation time with TSR? The summer is getting near, and thereby also the summer holidays. Track

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New Version of TSR Released

New Version of TSR Released New TSR Version The new version of TSR is here. Among the new enhancements are: Besides the above, we have also included a number of small enhancements that will make everything a bit better for you. How to get the new version

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Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner TimeSheet Reporter – Microsoft Certified Silver Partner We just wanted to let you know that TimeSheet Reporter has just been certified as a Microsoft Silver Partner. This is a certification from Microsoft that you can trust us and our solutions. Thanks for your support and

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Outlook Calendar Reporting

Outlook Calendar Reporting Would you like to do Outlook calendar reporting? Just as having a proper time management policy plays a crucial role in the project management and administrative endeavors of an organization, scheduling tasks and managing appointments also form an integral and unavoidable aspect in the

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Outlook Timesheets

Outlook Timesheets A while back timesheets found their usage in organizations primarily for the purposes of determining employees’ payrolls, and in some cases, for billing clients. So, as one could probably guess, the task of timesheet management was fairly simple back in those days and could also

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Time Management

Time Management Irrespective of what role you play in an organization – whether you are a manager trying to make the best out of your workforce, or an employee trying to prove your potential to your seniors – in either case, you are well aware of how

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Time Reporting Outlook

Time Reporting Outlook Let’s take a time reporting outlook. Until some years ago it was primarily the most basic operational and administrative responsibilities that timesheet reporting tools had to take care of. The basic goal of any timesheet software has always been more or less the same

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Why Proper Time Reporting Is So Important

Why Proper Time Reporting Is So Important Time management and efficiency, these are just like the two sides of the same coin – one cannot do without the other. Therefore, it is a need of the hour, to say the least, for any organization to have a

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Hosted or on-premise: That is the question

Hosted or on-premise: That is the question Hosted or on-premise TSR Did you know that TimeSheet Reporter is available in two versions? TimeSheet Reporter comes in two versions: Hosted and On-Premise. The hosted version means that we host the server part for you, so you only need

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Timesheet application – How to Choose the Right One

Timesheet application – How to Choose the Right One The relevance of proverb ‘Time is Money’ today holds true more than ever as organizations compete to retain their competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging business environment. Proper utilization of time not only improves the productivity of an

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Do you need help with anything?
Do you need help with anything? If you’re using TSR today and have any questions at all about using TSR, and want to know if …

TSR 6.5.16: More info and include description on reports
TSR 6.5.16: More info and include description on reports We’re happy to announce the release of TSR 6.5.15. Some of the featu …

Microsoft Windows Certified

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