Time registration with TimeSheet Reporter via the Outlook calendar has made timesheet reporting much easier for the employees in my company
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TSR FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some of the frequently asked questions and answers:

What is TimeSheet Reporter?

Will I have the same functions in my Outlook Calendar as I used to?

We already have an ERP system that our staff enter their time in. What do we need TSR for?

When I invite others to an appointment, will the TSR info such as project, activity, etc. also be in the appointments of the people I invite?

I use Outlook in a language that TimeSheet Reporter does not come with. Can I still use the product?

What are the system requirements for running TSR?

Do we need to use Microsoft Exchange to use TimeSheet Reporter?

We use iMail server and local Outlook calendars. Can we still use TSR?

We use Mac computers. Can we use TSR?

Do you support iPad?

Do you support iPhone?

Can I register and submit time for my colleagues?

What happens if I delete an appointment that has been submitted for approval, or has already been approved?

I would like to use data from TSR in my ERP system and also the other way around. What should I do?

Can I still create appointments, such as private appointments and birthdays, without them having to be used with TSR?

How do I see if an appointment is submitted, approved, etc.?

Can I use TSR if I'm not logged on to the server or am offline?

Is it possible to manually enter or edit time entries, without using Outlook?

Can I buy fewer TSR licenses than I have Outlook users?

We are using MS Office 2007. Can we use TSR?

Does TSR support MS Office 2016?

Is it possible to add expenses such as mileage and product lines to my time entries?

Is it possible to add hourly rates (cost/revenue) to my time entries?

Do we need a server environment to use TSR?

What languages does TSR come with?

What industries does TimeSheet Reporter suit?

Is it easy for users to use TSR and get started fast?

Can I see TSR in action?

I have some great ideas for how you can enhance TimeSheet Reporter. How do I tell you?

I have more questions. What should I do?



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