TimeSheet Reporter – Time Reporting in Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar

TimeSheet Reporter® makes it possible to report time on organizations, projects and activities from your MS Outlook® Calendar.

outlook_icon_53x49 Report time via your Microsoft Outlook calendar
StandardReports Get standard reports
SupervisorApproval Supervisor approval of time entries


Expenses Add hourly rates (cost/revenue) and expenses (mileage, billable goods, etc.) to your time entries
ShareData Share data with your other systems (ERP, CRM, Excel, etc.)

Simple flextime solution



SmartPhone SmartPhone Access
ManualTimeEntries Manual time entry and editing for yourself and others, via user-friendly web interface
RoleBased Role based permissions


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Do you use Microsoft Outlook® as calendar system? Good, that’s all you need.

The employees at most companies today use Microsoft Outlook® as their calendar system. TimeSheet Reporter® builds on that, and makes it possible to do timesheet reporting on organizations, projects and activities from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

When creating an appointment in Microsoft Outlook you can now also choose a proper organization, project and activity, defined by you, and have this in your appointment. Click submit when you have finished your day or week or appointment and the time spent on various projects or activities is registered, and your timesheet reporting is then approved or rejected by a supervisor chosen for that project.
You can then also integrate this information with your other systems such as ERP, CRM, etc., and use that information in your project management, billing, etc.
You can also integrate information from these systems into TimeSheet Reporter ® so that you can keep using your existing projects and activities, without having to create them all over again.


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TimeSheet Reporter – Time Reporting in Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar March 14, 2013