3 Reasons Your Employees Will Love Timesheet Software for Microsoft Outlook

3 Reasons Your Employees Will Love Timesheet Software for Microsoft Outlook

3 Reasons Your Employees Will Love Timesheet Software for Microsoft Outlook

For business owners, time tracking software, such as timesheet software for Microsoft Outlook, is considered a godsend, as it has literally saved them heaps upon heaps of money, improved employee productivity, helped them to meet goals and deadlines, and much more besides.

The main issue that business owners tend to encounter however, is resistance from some of their employees and other members of staff, especially when implementing these new processes and procedures. Some employees and staff members will be hesitant when it comes to time tracking software, as they may feel as if they’re being spied on and monitored constantly.

In reality however, timesheet software for Microsoft Outlook, such as TimeSheet Reporter, can offer countless benefits and advantages to your employees, providing they keep an open mind and embrace this technology rather than fear it.
Here’s a look at 3 reasons why your employees will love timesheet software for Microsoft Outlook.

Better time management

Contrary to popular belief, not all employees hate their jobs and want to do the bare minimum each day, counting down the hours until they get to go home. A vast percentage of employees actually really enjoy their jobs and want to be as productive as possible, not only for themselves, but for their employers as well. Time tracking software is ideal because it allows them to better manage their time, so that they can prioritize certain tasks and readjust their schedules so that they meet goals and deadlines etc. This software will show them how much time they’re spending on different projects and on various activities, etc. Put simply, when they know what may be taking up most of their time, they can then make necessary changes.

Improved balance

Let’s face it, if you’re constantly missing deadlines, wasting time, poorly managing your time, and just generally struggling to organize yourself, you’ll spend much more time in the office, as well as much more time at home, organizing work and trying to get yourself back on track. This not only eats away at your personal time, it can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Time tracking software however, will help them become more organized and productive, focusing on what’s important and see how much time is spent in different areas, meaning they get tasks completed that need to be completed, with plenty of time to spare, rather than rushing around at the last minute.

Better chance of a raise or promotion

Your timesheet information will basically function like an extension of your resume. Sure, you can tell people that you’re punctual and organized on your resume, but that doesn’t actually prove that you are. Your timesheet info however, does prove that you are and the better it reads, the better chance you will have of a raise or a promotion. Your manager will always have access to your info, so the better it reads, the better it works in your favour. This can also aid with job security as there is proof that you’re an organized, hardworking, and productive employee, which is always a good thing.

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