4 Features of Timesheet Software That You Should Look For

4 Features of Timesheet Software That You Should Look For

4 Features of Timesheet Software That You Should Look For

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar has always been available for most employees to use as their personal time management tool in the office. As a matter of fact that is the case for most office workers right now. If you want to leverage this and make it the official time reporting system in your company, adding a supplemental software, such as TimeSheet Reporter, will make it more functional to accommodate the specific requirements of your business. Listed below are some features of timesheet software that will enhance your Outlook Calendar.

Important Features of Timesheet Software

1. Easy generation of timesheet reports

The Outlook-based time reporting application still has its recognized simplicity and convenience. The only thing that the add-on software will do is enhance the Outlook’s capacities to be suitable for professional time tracking.

Because it retains its user-friendliness, employees will not be burdened when creating reports, which means that they can easily comply with the company’s policies. The enhancement allows the software to store historical data and generate a report out of it with a single click of a button. It will not take a lot of their time as it will only take a few seconds to produce a detailed timesheet report.

2. Uniform reports

Perhaps one of the best features of timesheet software for Outlook is its capacity to generate standard reports.

When all generated reports are in the same format, it will be more convenient for managers or team leaders to collect and interpret them. It will not take them days to create their own reports for company executives to peruse as all necessary data are clear and available right away.

Quick interpretation of reports will also allow team leaders to immediately make wise and necessary evaluations in case there are some issues to be dealt with. This is a great benefit in keeping the company’s operations running smoothly all the time.

3. Compatible with other company systems

Another feature of this program is its ability to be integrated with existing corporate systems such as CRM, ERP, and accounting. This is a huge benefit for the company as these systems can utilize timesheet data to further improve customer service and support, accounting and financial processes, logistics, payroll processes, and other standard operating procedures.

4. Offline access

In addition, this time reporting software is accessible even without internet connection. Your employees will be able to fill in their timesheet records anytime and anywhere they are. The data will automatically be updated once they get back in the office or get connected online in any Wi-Fi spot outside the office.
If they want to, they can also report their time simply using a web browser or their smartphone.

The above are some of the most important features of timesheet software that you should look for.

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