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4 Reasons Why Timesheet Reporting Software Will Make You a Better Project Manager

4 Reasons Why Timesheet Reporting Software Will Make You a Better Project Manager

4 Reasons Why Timesheet Reporting Software Will Make You a Better Project Manager

Time tracking software in the workplace is now a very common trend indeed, and all of the evidence suggests firmly that that trend is only going to grow and grow with each passing year. Timesheet reporting software for example, is now more popular than ever, and although at first there were some doubts, raised by both some employees and employers alike, the general consensus is that timesheet reporting software is an incredibly valuable tool to have in the workplace, as the advantages far, far outweigh the possible disadvantages.

One of the main reasons why some people were unsure about time tracking in the workplace initially, was down to the fact that it was something different, something out of the ordinary, and as we all know, a lot of us fear change. In this instance however, it was far more beneficial to embrace change rather than fear it, because it has helped improve businesses all over the globe.

Looking to become a better project manager? Here are 4 simple reasons why timesheet reporting software will help you do just that.

You know exactly how much time is really being spent on work

Remember, just because an employee tells you that it will take them X number of hours to complete a task, or that it took them, past tense, X number of hours to complete a task, this does not necessarily mean that it really did take them, or that it really will take them, as long as they think. Proper time tracking software tells the truth and makes things black and white, so you know how to better allocate time and manpower in the process.

It helps with project estimation times

Let’s face it, as a project manager, you will be expected to have a pretty clear idea of how long certain tasks and projects will take to be completed, in order for various deadlines to be met. It will be down to you to know this info and run it back to your clients and/or bosses so that everybody can then plan accordingly. Outlook timesheet reporting software will help you do just that because it gives a clear insight into how long tasks take, and how much manpower needs to be assigned. After a while, estimating these project delivery times will come as second nature to you, all thanks to this nifty piece of software.

It allows you to prioritize

If there are several projects/tasks that need to be completed, timesheet reporting software will help give a clear indication of which ones you should prioritize. For example, if there’s a project due soon which you know requires more than one person working on it, you can pull employees of less important, more menial tasks, and assign them to the projects which are your main priority. This will help to ensure you meet deadlines easily, without having to rush, which can lead to mistakes.

Timesheet reporting software can work in employees’ favour

Remember, if you’re going for a promotion, or looking for a raise, or possibly even a little extra time off over the holidays, your timesheet can be one of your best allies. It will prove how productive and punctual you’ve been, which in turn will help sway things in your favour.


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