5 Timesheet Software Benefits

5 Timesheet Software Benefits

5 Timesheet Software Benefits

An enhanced Outlook-based time reporting system is perhaps one of the most effective time-tracking tools today. And the timesheet software benefits coming from it are actually quite extensive.

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a common application found in most computers and is already a staple when it comes to personal time management for office employees. When you complement it with add-on software, such as TimeSheet Reporter, it becomes more powerful and able to cater almost all of your company’s time reporting needs.

Below are the top 5 benefits that you can gain from the enhanced Outlook-based software:

1. It is readily accessible

Since the Outlook Calendar is a typically pre-installed program on any modern computer, this program is readily accessible. You don’t need to learn a completely new system so the costs will be significantly lower. You only need to acquire the add-on software, install it in your system, and you are good to go.

2. It is user-friendly

Another benefit of this system is its user-friendliness. The users’ familiarity of the Outlook program contributes a lot to it. Because the interface is more recognizable, employees can use it without having to go through a series of exhaustive trainings. The company will then be able to save lost manpower hours and substantial training costs as a simple tutorial on a few minutes will be enough for users to get accustomed with solution.

The employees themselves will benefit as they will find it easier to generate reports that are required of them. Other time reporting solutions today are so complex that they become a burden to the users instead of being a benefit.

3. Reports are standardized

Perhaps one of the most significant timesheet software benefits of this system is that all reports generated from it are uniform and standardized. This is a huge advantage for the manager or team leader that will have to collate and interpret the reports. Standardized reports make it easier for him or her to read all of them and come up with his own all-inclusive report for the company’s executives.

4. It can be integrated with other systems

This Outlook-based time reporting software could be integrated to other company systems as well, such as ERP, CRM, and accounting. This capacity is essential in generating invoices as well as comprehensive and reliable annual reports. Not only that, it could also streamline internal business processes that will result in better products and services for your customers and other stakeholders.

5. It can be accessed offline

Lastly, one of the timesheet software benefits of a system like TSR is its accessibility even when there is no internet connection. Users who are out in the field serving customers can access and update their timesheet data via their Outlook right then and there. The system will just synch itself automatically as soon as the device is reconnected online.
If you do have internet access but do not have access to Outlook, you can also report time via your browser or smartphone.

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