5 Ways To Make Your Timesheet Policy Really Easy For Your Employees

5 Ways To Make Your Timesheet Policy Really Easy For Your Employees
5 Ways To Make Your Timesheet Policy Really Easy For Your Employees

In this day and age, almost everyone has used a computer, tablet or smartphone. Nevertheless, it is true that not everyone is completely computer savvy. Some people still have a tough time completing basic tasks on their computer. If you’re responsible for running a business, there is a real possibility that you’re going to run into people with very little tech savviness. Therefore, you’ll need to take steps to accommodate them, and in all cases make everything as easy as possible for your employees, so that they can focus on their important tasks.
One way to do that is by putting together a basic timesheet policy. Within this guide, you’ll find tips for ensuring that your timesheet policy is suitable for pretty much everyone on your company’s roster.

1 Go With Outlook-Based Software

Once you’ve put together a comprehensive timesheet policy, you will want to go ahead and choose a program for your teams. After all, they’ll need to use some type of software to report their hours. Using the software is not going to be easy if you do not select the right solution. This is definitely the case for employees who are not good with computers. With that being said, you should choose a timesheet program that will remove the guesswork from the equation. This is why you’ll want to go with an Outlook-based software. By doing so, you can pretty much guarantee that your employees will be able to pick it up right away.
They probably already use Outlook for many purposes. They’ll be able to start using it right away and there will be no excessive learning curve. They’ll be able to jump right in and begin reporting their hours without any issues whatsoever. Design a basic policy. Then, you should choose software with a simple interface. This combination will simplify everything for your staff.

2 Make It Accessible Anywhere

You need to understand that your employees are going to be mobile. They’ll work around the clock and they’ll work on the go. From time to time, your employees might get stuck out in the field. With this in mind, you need to make sure that your teams have access to their time tracking software from pretty much anywhere in the world. They should be able to use the software on their personal computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. No matter where they are, they should be able to submit their hours and other information. Do not force your workers to return to the office to submit their hours.
Choose a timesheet software that can be accessed from pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

3 Timesheet Policy And Software With Role Based Permissions

When it comes down to it, some timesheet programs will be tougher to use and understand than others. This is something that you have to worry about. You need to make sure that your software of choice is going to be easy to understand. Otherwise, your employees are going to be wasting a lot of time in unnecessary windows and such. Thankfully, there are some great Outlook based timesheet programs out there. And, some of them will give you the ability to set role-based permissions. It is highly recommended that you do just that. Role-based permissions will make a huge difference for you and your employees.

Role-based permissions can be used to prevent your employees from entering into unnecessary windows and screens. For instance, you can set permissions to ensure that some employees are only allowed to submit their time, and everything else will be off limits. This might seem restrictive, but it will actually pay off dividends in the long run.
Then again, you can set up other employees, who will be able to approve hours, run reports, etc. So you can tailor it exactly to your needs.

4 Make Your Policy Readily Available

When it comes to employees and timesheets, it is important to make your policy available. Basically, what this means is to make sure the employees, upper management and all others have access to your timesheet policy. Doing this will ensure everyone who is involved with your company knows every aspect of the policy. This will result in less confusion among all of your employees. Everyone will be on the same page, as well as ensure that your payroll and human resources departments have to deal with fewer timesheet questions and issues.

Timesheet software plays a major role in any business. Prior to the development of such software, companies were forced to deal with paper, pen, and pencil. Fortunately, this software has improved the way companies manage, track and process payroll as well as invoicing of clients. To ensure you get the best time tracking software, it needs to have role-based permissions, company-wide accessibility, and diverse transmission. You also need to make sure that accessing relevant data, such as reports, is really easy for the relevant employees.

5 Training

Timesheets are generally self-explanatory. However, it is really important that everybody are confident in how to report their hours, etc, and thus training is extremely important. To ensure your staff understands every aspect of the timesheet, training should be conducted before employees start using it and routinely afterward. 

Timesheets have definitely changed over the past few years. Previously, they only contained information about employees’ hours. Today, with the proper solution, they can also contain pertinent information on just about every aspect of the operation. This information is so extremely important to companies and their employees because they help keep track of hours worked, progress, productivity, and revenue. So, it is important to ensure everyone understands the layout and the fine details, as well as what is expected.

HR can also take advantage of today’s timesheets because they contain information about sick, personal and vacation time. This information will make it easier to determine which employees have recently taken time off. So, it can be utilized as a backup if the one or more of the employees request more time off on short-staffed days. 

Managing timesheets is now easier even though they contain more details than ever before. You, your human resources and payroll departments and senior staff will have access to the timesheets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether they are in or out of the office.

By the way, another key feature in the solution you select is a missing timesheet notification function. If any of your employees fail to report their hours for the week, you will be notified. Just submit a request for missing entries and have them within your access shortly.

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