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7 Things To Look for In Timesheet Software

7 Things To Look for In Timesheet Software

7 Things To Look for In Timesheet Software

More and more businesses are understanding the benefits of using timesheet software, but many often have a difficult time deciding which of the many options to go with. Many make the mistake of simply going with the first one that they see, failing to realize that it doesn’t come with the features that they need to make their business more productive. If your business is seriously considering making the switch to this type of software, there are some definite features that it should have in order to be considered a serious contender. Let’s take a look at just a few of those:

  1. The ability to report time via the Microsoft Outlook calendar is huge, as this is often the method that many employees will use to keep track of their hours worked, as well as planning their weeks ahead.
  2. While employees are granted a lot of freedom in putting together their work hours, there is still some accountability required, which is why software that has a supervisor approval feature built in is another thing to look for.
  3. It’s not everyone that is tied to a desk in the office, which is why timesheet software needs to be available on other devices. Since smartphones are one of the most common ways to get online nowadays, having access to report time via the phone of every relevant employee is a nice feature to have.
  4. It’s worth remembering that internet access isn’t always readily available, so look for software that can be accessed both online and offline. The easier it is for employees to input their data, the less time will have to be spent accounting for lost time and missed entries.
  5. Sometimes some employees may not have access to their Outlook calendar, thus your timesheet software should also make is possible to track time via a user-friendly web interface.
  6. Most companies use technology in a lot of different ways, and in order to get a clear picture of the everyday running of the business, it helps if the timesheet software can be integrated and share data with those existing systems.
  7. It’s not always just hours that need to be entered, as there are also things like expenses to be considered. Since many employees who regularly use this type of system are out on the road, there is a pretty good chance that expenses will be part of the equation. Thus your solution should also allow for expense reporting for the relevant employees.

These are just a few of the crucial features that every timesheet software should have available. If your business is looking at software that doesn’t have all of this, then it may be time to look elsewhere.


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