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9 Features Your Timesheet Reporting Solution Should Have

9 Features Your Timesheet Reporting Solution Should Have

9 Features Your Timesheet Reporting Solution Should Have

Timesheet reporting might at one time have been regarded as a simple time tracking mechanism that helped organizations monitor the number of hours their employees worked on different projects. The timesheet reports were of course later used for payroll calculations as well as for billing clients. In recent years, timesheet reporting has broadened its scope beyond simple time tracking to also provide these organizations greater visibility into the costs and statuses of projects allowing them to better control their projects. If you are looking for a timesheet reporting solution, you should look for one with the following features that will allow you to increase accuracy, reduce costs as well as improve productivity and profitability.

  1. Ease of Use – One of the most common complaints about timesheet reporting systems has been the amount of time it takes to train employees to use a new system. If a timesheet reporting system leverages on a popular, existing infrastructure such as Outlook, an employee will be able to quickly start using the system.
  2. Ability to Add Comments – Time and again, both employees and supervisors feel the need to add comments to entries made in timesheets. Employees may want to explain why a particular task took less or more time. Supervisors might want to add comments about why a time entry was rejected or may want to respond to comments made by employees. A timesheet reporting system should have the flexibility to allow both employees and supervisors to add such comments.
  3. Increase Profitability – A good timesheet reporting system should allow for a quick submission of time entries by the employees. This will ensure that there are no longer any missing time entries and that all billable hours are duly registered, thereby increasing the profitability of the company.
  4. Improve Efficiency – By notifying employees of missing timesheet entries, a good timesheet reporting system will ensure that all the hours worked on projects are registered in time. This will allow project managers to track the status of their projects.
  5. Include Management Tools – A modern timesheet reporting system should have tools that will generate standard reports for the management. These will help them understand time spent on a specific task, the time different users take for the same task, total time spent on the project and so on. This information will help them in planning for future projects.
  6. Increase Productivity – By allowing management to compare the time taken by different users as well as the time taken over different projects, a timesheet reporting system will allow managers to identify areas in the organization that need improvement. Employees may be given additional training to do their work more efficiently and certain projects may be allotted more resources to complete them in time.
  7. Allow for Easy Integration – A timesheet reporting system that integrates well with existing systems such as ERP, CRM or Accounting systems will not only save time but also avoid duplication errors.
  8. Ability to work offline – If an organization has a large mobile workforce such as service staff and consultants, it needs to provide them with a timesheet reporting system that they can use even if they are offline.
  9. Great ROI – A timesheet reporting solution must provide a great return on investment (ROI) for the organization.

You can find all the above features and more in TimeSheet Reporter, which is a powerful, easy-to-use software product that can be used with your Outlook calendar and that gives every organization, big and small, the ability to track time and monitor performance, track projects, as well as gives management the ability to improve the levels of business efficiency.



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