A Revolution In Time Reporting? It Just Might Be.

Time Reporting

Time Reporting

A Revolution In Time Reporting? It Just Might Be

Timesheets were once primarily used by employers to determine payroll and as companies started billing customers by the hour, they also helped businesses bill their customers accordingly. The concept of timesheets were simple – either the start and end time of any task was recorded or the duration to complete a task was submitted. Gradually, companies realized that it helped to breakdown a project into different tasks and have time reporting for each one of the tasks associated with the project. This kind of timesheet reporting became useful not just for payroll calculation and client billing but also for estimating project costs, tracking projects and in overall project management.

Many accounting and HR departments are always on the lookout for advanced software that will ease their work of payroll calculations and client billing. Employees on the other hand are looking for timesheet software that will make it easy and less time consuming to register time and submit timesheets. Project managers are in the hunt for sophisticated project management tools that will help them develop a database of knowledge about how much time and effort various tasks take to complete. This will help them in making better estimates of the time future projects of a similar nature will take.

Into such a scenario comes a time reporting product that satisfies all the above requirements and yet is so free of any complexity that it can only be called revolutionary. TimeSheet Reporter or TSR, is at first glance, just a timesheet reporting tool but as you closely examine the features that it offers and the power it gives to everyone in an organization, you will realize that it is much more than that.

TimeSheet Reporter excels in its ability to report time, generate and submit timesheets electronically. In a brilliant masterstroke, the developers of TimeSheet Reporter realized that the Outlook calendar is probably the most popular tool that employees use the world over. The team behind TimeSheet Reporter decided to build a tool that enables employees to continue using Outlook even as they are working and to simply submit their timesheet using their Outlook calendar once they are done. They can even insert additional comments about the task if they feel that it will help the supervisor approve the timesheet more quickly.

TimeSheet Reporter also allows for integration of the timesheet and time reporting data into existing systems such as ERP, Accounting or CRM. This helps in automating payroll calculations and customer invoicing and also makes them more accurate. It is also possible to import other projects and customers into TimeSheet Reporter making it even easier to use TimeSheet Reporter for all projects.

Finally, in what is truly a powerful aid to management, TimeSheet Reporter can generate standard reports that for example compare timesheets for different users, the time spent on specific tasks and specific projects and also compare time taken on different projects. Reports like these help managers make more informed decisions about which areas of the business need improvement.

If you are looking for a complete timesheet and time reporting solution for your organization, take a look at what TimeSheet Reporter has to offer, and your business will soon be on its way to becoming more productive and more profitable.


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