Accounting Outlook – How To Do It

Accounting Outlook

Accounting Outlook - How To Do It

Accounting Outlook – How To Do It

In today’s highly competitive environment most businesses are increasingly focussing on office productivity tools which can enhance the efficiency of the workforce and reduce costs. Quite expectedly timesheets which serve as a critical productivity tracking tool are the flavor of the season and organizations are actively looking at various solutions ranging from stand alone software applications to time tracking tools that can be added on to commonly used applications.
In most organizations, Microsoft Outlook is used as the default mail and calendar client and employees typically use it for accessing their corporate email. The wide usage of Outlook makes it the perfect platform for powerful applications like TimeSheet Reporter which offers a bouquet of sophisticated time reporting features that can be accessed directly from the Outlook application and enabling an accounting Outlook capability.

Using TimeSheet Reporter in MS Outlook with Accounting Systems

While the dexterity of TimeSheet Reporter as a performance tracking tool is well known, its capacity to seamlessly link up with accounting systems requires a specific mention. With project costing being a key concern for management, the relevance of a software like TimeSheet Reporter which facilitates accounting Outlook capability gains significance.

Tracking the total time spent and managing the associated billing on a specific client project is often a difficult task, especially if a large number of employees tend to work on several projects. Also if different work groups are involved, issues related to approval of time hours comes to light which are extremely difficult to negotiate. With the help of TimeSheet Reporter we can effortlessly overcome such issues as it offers employees the ability to list the hours they are spending on specific projects and send an approval request from their supervisors directly from their Outlook client. Furthermore, the time frames reported by employees can used to generate accurate invoices related to a specific project based on the number of man hours utilized on the same.

TimeSheet Reporter is capable of sharing data with accounting systems thanks to its TSR DataBridge module which allows it to share data with accounting systems in a neat manner. In addition one of the key advantages that TimeSheet Reporter offers is its two way data sharing capacity which can also be done automatically through command line instructions without manual intervention.

The detailed reports that TimeSheet Reporter can generate makes the task of making consolidated project specific invoices a cakewalk thanks to direct accounting Outlook features. The fact that the application offers administrators with the capacity to track missing timesheet entries helps in producing accurate billings. The software can also be used to track time utilization by employees on the move by using cached profiles which can be reconciled later once the user comes online. Such a feature is extremely handy for projects where a large amount of field work is involved and tracking can be done through the accounting Outlook features. Organizations looking for an effective project costing solutions should definitely look at TimeSheet Reporter as a reference point for tracking billable hours given the versatility it offers in its accounting Outlook capability and the assured accuracy of its reports.


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