Advantages of Outlook Timesheet Software

Advantages of Outlook Timesheet Software

Advantages of Outlook Timesheet Software

There are many advantages in using Microsoft Outlook timesheet software as the foundation of your company’s time reporting system. Boosted by an add-on software, like TimeSheet Reporter, that increases Outlook’s functionality, this enhanced time tracking system can do a lot of wonders for your business.

Below are some of these advantages:

Outlook Timesheet software – Advantages

1. Availability

Because the Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a highly popular application that is already installed on most office computers, it is readily available to use. To make it work for time tracking, the company will only have to obtain the supplemental software to integrate with Outlook.

2. Simplicity and Familiarity

The Outlook Calendar is a common tool for personal time management. This is actually true for most office workers as they use it to plan their personal schedules so that it would not be in conflict with their working hours.

The user-friendliness of a Outlook-based timesheet reporting solution, plus the users’ familiarity with it, makes it an ideal time reporting system that everyone can easily comply with. No need for your employees to undergo a thorough and exhausting training. Only a short orientation is needed to start implementing it in your workplace.

3. Outlook Timesheet Software Standardized Reports

Another advantage of this enhanced Outlook-based system is that all reports made by the company’s employees are standardized across the board. All of the timesheet data of all the employees are stored in one solution only. This will make it easier to generate reports as all information are derived from one location alone.

For managers and team leaders, it will be easier to read and interpret the results as well. This reporting convenience will result in better decisions by managers as employees will be able to submit accurate reports in time all the time.

4. Integrity of Data History

The system also has the capacity to keep historical data. This is quite convenient, because anyone who wishes to make a highly comprehensive report, such as an annual employee performance report or the like, will have an easy time gathering real and accurate data.

5. Notifications

The system also gives out reminders or notifications to users if they are behind reporting their hours. There is no need for managers to nag or force their employees in sending their reports. This will avoid any unwanted conflicts within the organization and will keep employees feeling good and motivated.

The program also enables managers to easily identify which of their people have already submitted their reports and those who have not. The manager has the option then remind his subordinate quietly instead of announcing it to the whole group. This preserves workplace harmony and the self-esteem of the employee.

These are just some of the advantages of the improved Microsoft Outlook timesheet software. With this system, your company will surely grow not only in terms of profitability but in taking care of its employees as well.

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