An Informative Time Management Essay on the Importance of Timesheets

An Informative Time Management Essay on the Importance of Timesheets

An Informative Time Management Essay on the Importance of Timesheets

In the business world, we understand how important it is to save not only time, but money as well. No business owner wants to spend more on something than they have to, and if there is a way of saving money, they should be all over it. As a business owner, one of your primary objectives is obviously to make as much money as possible, but there are other factors to consider. Your employees for example, form the backbone of your business, and if they aren’t pulling their weight, you aren’t going to make any real progress at all. On the flipside, if your employees are happy, productive, punctual, and pulling their weight, you stand to become very successful. When it comes to employee productivity, more and more business owners are utilizing timesheets and time tracking software. This is why today, we are going to be taking a look at an informative time management essay based on the importance of timesheets. Here’s a look at several reasons why timesheets are so beneficial in a workplace environment. 

The importance of timesheets – Provides a sense of achievement

A key reason to implement timesheets in the form of time tracking software in the workplace, is because of the fact that doing so will provide your employees with a sense of achievement. When we work on something, it doesn’t matter what it is we’re focussing on, once we have completed it to a satisfactory standard we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and achievement in what we’ve achieved. Time tracking software is ideal for this very reason. You see, not only does the software provide a detailed analysis of the hours each employee has worked, it also shows what they have worked on, which projects have been completed, and how tasks are progressing. Say for example, you start working on a project in the morning that is only partial complete, yet when you clock off for the day, it’s say, almost complete. This shows how hard you’ve worked on the project and how you’ve progressed. You can also see how far you have progressed with previous tasks as well. Seeing how hard you’ve worked and how much you have accomplished will provide you with a wonderful sense of achievement which will only serve to motivate you further.

The software does the hard work for you

Whether you handle your employees’ attendance records or another member of staff, somebody in your company will be in charge of chasing up employees regarding their timesheets and/or attendance records.

Say for example that you miss reporting 10 minutes on a project here and there, every week or day. Chasing this up can be fairly time-consuming and can seem pretty petty. After all, it’s only a few minutes, so who cares, right? Well, those minutes quickly add up, and then you’ll have a wrong image of how things are progressing and how much time you’ve spent on each project. If you’re also billing for your time, this can be rather costly. With time tracking software, one key advantage is the fact that the software does the hard work for you. You can access employee’s timesheets in a matter of seconds, with a few clicks of a button and quickly get an overview of time spent. Not only that, but the software can be programmed to send reminders to members of staff, rather than you, or your team leader, having to manually do it instead. This not only helps ease your workload or the workload of your managers or team leaders, but it also helps save time. 

A time management essay – Save money and reduce costs

As we’re looking at a time management essay on the importance of timesheets, we’ll now focus on how timesheets and time tracking software in general, can help save your business money and bring costs down. You see, all businesses, even very small businesses, will incur business expenses and running costs. These can range from heating and internet usage, to the purchasing of paper for the printer. Now, the bigger your business, the higher your costs and expenses are likely to be. What’s especially frustrating however, is the fact that many of these expenses and costs can actually be reduced, or avoided completely. Say for example, you have been paying two employees to work overtime to ensure a project deadline is met, yet really only one employee is needed, the timesheet software will help make this info clear. You will be able to monitor the status and progress of a project and will instantly be able to see that only one employee is needed as things are way ahead of schedule. By simply taking one employee off of the task you’re no longer paying out two lots of overtime, meaning you’re saving money already. If you have several employees working on a project and can see that they are way, way ahead of schedule, you can again pull some off of the project in question, rather than unnecessarily paying them to work on a task that doesn’t require that level of manpower. Timesheets help identify where costs can be reduced, helping your business to save money and bring costs down. 

Increased opportunities

As a business owner, there is nothing more frustrating than having to turn away work. No company likes turning down work but sometimes, due to hectic work schedules and/or manpower issues, they are left with no alternative. As we’ve mentioned numerous times in this time management essay, time tracking software is ideal when it comes to improving employee productivity and business efficiency. When you and your employees are on top of your time and are working on schedule, or better still, ahead of schedule, this will then allow you to benefit from more opportunities. The software provides a brief overview of your company workload and allows you to see how far you’ve come with each task. If for example, you can see that you have several large projects days, even hours, from completion, this indicates that your workload will soon be eased and that you’ll be able to take on new projects. Rather than having to turn down work from enquiring clients, you can simply explain that you should be free to take on new work in a day or so, and that you’re very much looking forward to working with them and forging new partnerships or working relationships. The more organized your company is, the more opportunities you will be offered. The business benefits here are obvious right from the outset. 

Professional reputation

Another reason why more and more business owners are using daily timesheets and time tracking software in general, is to help build the image and reputation of the company. Say for example, you are short-staffed and have been advertising for new members of staff for quite some time but haven’t had much luck, utilizing daily timesheets could actually help you. You see, if you are utilizing a streamlined interface to help organize sick days and vacation time, it shows potential job candidates, and customers too for that matter, that you are a professional outfit that has utilized modern technology to your advantage. You see, employees and management alike will spend less time actually tracking time because the software does it all for them. This then frees up their schedule so that they have more time to focus on other things. 

Less paper!

One of the main expenses that businesses incur, no matter what it is that they deal in, is paper. Paper is literally everywhere in many offices and not only does this cost a fair amount each month, it can also make the place look cluttered and untidy. One reason why so many offices struggle to find space in their filing cabinets is because of the fact that they utilize paper timesheets. Paper timesheets are outdated, they’re messy, they’re easy to lose, and they quickly build up. But where will your timesheets be kept if not in an overcrowded filing cabinet that looks fit to burst at any moment? Why, in the cloud, that’s where. When discussing the importance of timesheets, we can’t overlook the fact that time tracking software allows you to store several years’ worth of timesheet data, in the virtual cloud. So, if you wish to access the file of an employee and find out how many days they had off two years ago, rather than having to go digging through mountains of paperwork, you simply log onto the system, and find the data you were looking for in a matter of seconds. 

So, that brings our time management essay on the importance of timesheets to a close. If you do own your own business or are a manager and are looking to make changes to not only save you money, but to also save time in the process, time tracking software could be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

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