Architect Time Tracking – What You Should Know

Architect Time Tracking

Architect Time Tracking – What You Should Know

As an architect working for a firm or an architectural firm manager, you already know how important time tracking is to the success of the organization. When an architect works together with a client on consultation or is spending time creating blueprints, the time used is counted up and billed respectively. When it comes to the client and architect time tracking, the accuracy of the hours counted is what makes or breaks the profitability of the firm.

When Schedules are set on Soft Ground

Unfortunately, architect time tracking and timesheets for architects can be time-consuming, aggravating, and about as difficult as setting a foundation on a marsh. Most of the time, architectural firms have little time to spend on creating timesheets and managing schedules in between client consultations, design, planning and other projects. Billed hours go missing from the records while schedules fall into disarray and conflict, and money is lost from inefficiency and lost appointments. If this sounds familiar to you and your firm, then it is clear you need to find a tool that can help your firm back into ship shape.

Build a Rock Solid Foundation with Architect Time Tracking Software and Timesheets for Architects

This is where architect time tracking software by TimeSheet Reporter comes in. With automated, standardized and comprehensive time reports, your firm will no longer have to struggle with setting up timesheets for architects and trying to synchronize the different schedules of each and every architect on staff. The software ensures you won’t have to burn hours trying to schedule things manually, nor miss any appointments or meetings because of schedule conflicts.

However, it doesn’t just stop there. TimeSheet Reporter provides excellent features and options perfect for architectural firms that you won’t find with any other architect time tracking software out in the market. By integrating itself with the Microsoft Outlook calendar, you can measure exactly how much time you spend with clients, how much time you spend on AutoCAD, and how much time you spend on coffee breaks and vacation leave. This way, your firm can get a full return on investment on each project while also incentivizing improved productivity and less wasted time.

TimeSheet Reporter for All of Your Architect Time Tracking Needs

TimeSheet Reporter has online and offline synchronization for when your architects are out on the field rather than behind a computer. With a wide variety of language options and customization capabilities for architectural firms across the world and firms with different specializations, Timesheet Reporter remains the best time tracking software available to the industry. So stop losing money on wasted hours and missing client billing entries, and contact TimeSheet Reporter today.

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