Ask these Pertinent Questions about Tracking Your Outlook Calendar Time

Ask these Pertinent Questions about Tracking Your Outlook Calendar Time

Ask these Pertinent Questions about Tracking Your Outlook Calendar Time

There are many types of timekeeping software, also known as timesheet software. The best ones are those that do not require any elaborate installation or special setup which will needlessly increase the task list of every user. The purpose of using timesheet software is to increase efficiency and to help the employees as well as the management to develop systems or to make strategic changes so everyone can perform to the best of their potential. Should the same software create any kind of larger disruption or delays owing to any reason, the primary purpose gets defeated.

The best timesheet software you can use is one that integrates with your Outlook so that it tracks your Outlook Calendar time. Most employees use Microsoft Outlook. Many companies have an official policy that requires every employee to use Microsoft Outlook. Since it is already in use, having the timesheet software integrate with your Outlook Calendar time seems to be a natural choice. However, there are some pertinent questions you should find answers to while choosing any timesheet software.

Can it truly track my Outlook Calendar time?

A particular application can always be installed as an add-on. If the tool is compatible with Outlook and in particular can work with the Calendar, then there should be no hassles in installing, running or managing the software. However, the software should be truly integrated and should not adversely affect the Outlook Calendar. The software must work seamlessly. It should add an extra layer to your Outlook Calendar time and accordingly keep track of how you spent your time. Unless the two can work seamlessly, it will not be ideal.

Can it work online and offline?

The solution you select to track your Outlook Calendar time should be able to work offline. It is integrated with the system in a way so that it doesn’t really get affected when it is offline. Unless there is an issue with the computer and the timekeeping has already gone kaput, you can report the exact time regardless of its internet connection status. Hence, you can rely on the authenticity and unfailing reliability of your solution to track your Outlook Calendar time. The timesheet software you choose to use should be able to remain in sync when online and again after it has been offline. It is wrong to presume that every employee will remain perennially online. Even if the nature of a task that one is entrusted with doesn’t involve any offline work, there can always be instances when a particular employee or user will be offline. In these cases the time must still be noted and reported just as all the other activities. The simple reality is that the timesheet software you choose should be able to function online and offline, while always maintaining its integration with your Outlook Calendar time.

Does the timesheet software require any special inputs?

There are instances when users or employees may be required to input data manually. There can always be necessary amends or updates that cannot be automated. Exceptional cases and necessary inputs aside, there should be nothing that the software must demand of the user. It should be able to function quietly without interrupting the efficiency of the system, the workflow of the user and the use of every other application that is necessary for the job. When employees are asked to put in additional effort that doesn’t come across as quintessential, they are unlikely to be happy about it. The objective is to increase efficiency and hence the registration to facilitate that. Additional tasks will only impair efficiency.

Would the timesheet software compromise the security of Outlook?

This really boils down to the quality of the software. There’s always a risk that free software applications may be held responsible for compromising the security of associated software or systems where they were installed. There’s also the risk of applications initiating correspondences with third party sites and sources which are not authorized. If you choose a secure software application, then you don’t have to worry about any compromise. Read reviews and assess the level of security assured before you choose to install the software on all systems.

Finally, would the functioning of the software affect the efficiency of the system?

It must be noted that not always does every employee work on a state of the art workstation. Even if a smartphone or tablet is state of the art, it is so within its own niche. A smartphone doesn’t necessarily have more computing or processing power than a full-suite desktop. The timesheet software you integrate with your Outlook Calendar time must be light enough and should require very little processing power and memory.

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