Benefiting from an Outlook-based Timesheet Plugin Using Office 365 to Track Time

Benefiting from an Outlook-based Timesheet Plugin Using Office 365 to Track Time

Benefiting from an Outlook-based Timesheet Plugin Using Office 365 to Track Time

Using Office 365 to track time is the best way to improve your business and grow it into its full potential. By properly monitoring the time spent by your employees on their particular work tasks and other special projects that they are currently involved in, your company can improve its employee productivity, operational efficiency, customer service, and corporate reputation. These are aspects of the business that are directly related to profits, so it is essential to have a system that can accurately monitor employee time.

Numerous modern ways of time tracking are being offered in the market right now. The problem, however, is that most of them are too complicated to implement in a typical office setting. Usually, a user would need to access different software and platforms to encode timesheet data and generate reports. This kind of scheme is complicated and burdensome, which tends to create unwanted issues and disorder among co-workers.

A user-friendly yet still functional timesheet plugin is the ideal solution for efficient time monitoring. This is especially true when utilizing Microsoft Office 365. You have to be sure that your timesheet plugin is compatible with it before implementation. A solution like TimeSheet Reporter supports Microsoft Office 365 as well as the other variations of Office.

Benefits of Using Office 365 to track time

If you are looking for the ideal time tracking solution when using Office 365 to track time, then the best way is to use its built-in Microsoft Outlook Calendar as the foundation of your timesheet plugin.

The Outlook Calendar is already familiar and simple enough for users so that a time tracking solution build on this makes it possible for them to use it without much difficulty. Because it is so easy to apply, the level of compliance is high.

Aside from being user-friendly, it is also functional. This is because a supplemental software is integrated to it. This enhanced Outlook-based timesheet software is now capable of handling the specific business requirements of your organization.

More Benefits

1. Advantage to team leaders

When timesheet reports are submitted on time, managers can have up-to-date information that is useful for further improving business processes, streamlining operational systems, and minimizing system losses. Additionally, this enhanced Outlook-based plugin automatically standardizes all reports to make them easier to read.

2. Compatibility with other systems

The enhanced Outlook-based plugin can also be integrated with other company systems such as accounting, ERP, and CRM. This is a huge benefit, especially when creating comprehensive reports such as an annual report.

3. Offline accessibility

It can be accessed without internet connection as well. Generally, you need to be online when using Office 365 to track time. But with a solution like TSR, it works even when offline. This is beneficial for field workers, especially those who are directly servicing the customers. Right then and there, they can update their timesheets without having to connect online. This leads to a more accurate customer billing. Next time they are online, their software will automatically synchronize.

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