Business Benefits of Timesheet Reporting

Business Benefits of Timesheet Reporting

Business Benefits of Timesheet Reporting

Businesses are always looking for ways to streamline their operations whilst saving time and money in the process. For many, a lot of that time and money goes into keeping track of how employees have spent their time. This is especially true for companies that have a lot of employees working on different projects. Knowing how everyone is spending their time, or how they are going to spend it, certainly takes a lot of strain off the HR department and the managers in charge of allocating time to specific projects.

The business benefits of timesheet reporting are very much dependent upon the features of the software chosen. In order for managers and employees to get the most out of this, it is important that one of the features be the ability to approve hours from within the software. This allows them to confirm that projects are progressing as they should and also that payroll, invoicing clients, etc. work as they should.

It also helps if the data entered into the system can be seamlessly integrated with other systems used by the business, as this will drastically reduce the workload at the office. The ability to create reports that can be passed on to clients looking for updates in their project is also excellent. These reports can also be used to show the efficiency of the business to prospective clients.

How Employees Benefit From Timesheet Reporting

While some business may look at timesheet reporting as a way to keep tabs on their employees, savvy businesses use it to actually give their people a little more freedom, whilst still having a certain level of accountability. Having this sort of system in place is a very good tool to have in your arsenal when your company is trying to recruit the very best people.

Again it is the features of your timesheet reporting software that can prove to be the biggest positive change for your staff. Many employees like to keep track of their schedule in the Microsoft Outlook calendar, so allowing them to integrate that into the software is a huge selling point. Since smartphones are now routinely a part of how people work, making the software available on mobile devices is an excellent feature to be able to have. The same rules apply with access to the software when offline, especially since internet access is not always going to be available. Access should be available offline as well as online, as this tend to mean that important entries do not get missed.

In Conclusion

There are a number of business benefits of timesheet reporting that a company can get from using timesheet reporting software, but it has to be stressed that there are varying degrees of success to be achieved. It really does all come down to making sure that the features of the software are in line with the needs of the business. It’s worth paying a little extra to get software that is all-encompassing and makes life easier as opposed to paying less for software that does puts more strain on employees.

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