Case Management via Microsoft Outlook

Case Management

Case Management via Microsoft Outlook

Case Management via Microsoft Outlook

Most organizations today realize that there is a very strong connection between customer satisfaction and enabling the success of their future projects, particularly if those organizations are in the service sector. However, many of these companies tend to spend their time and money on implementing highly sophisticated programs while failing to make optimal use of the data already available to them to shape future case management policies.
Having a proper case management approach and tool can help your business outpace its competition.

The Most Important Aspects of an Effective Case Management Tool

Let us first see what are the most important aspects of an effective case management tool.
One, the organization has to have a better understanding of the needs of its customers and second, attempts have to be made to utilize the data companies have on hand to understand how these needs can be better met.
As mentioned earlier, many businesses believe that in order to stay a step ahead of the competition, they have to invest in sophisticated and expensive case management tools. However, considering the amount of time and effort that then goes in implementing these technologies, getting them to work and then in actually putting them to use, at times, it far outweighs any real benefits that you may get out of them.
The final important aspect of any case management tool that senior management have to consider is how well it integrates with the rest of the infrastructure the organization may already have in place, particularly the CRM or ERP systems. Not surprisingly, many businesses have typically compromised on one or the other aspect while choosing a dedicated case management tool.

Well, with TimeSheet Reporter, you do not have to do so any more! While this may appear as a simple timesheet reporting tool, there is nothing simple or limited about the kind of power this brings, both in timesheet reporting features as well as in case management features. TimeSheet Reporter was developed with the main aim of increasing the productivity and profitability of a business by reducing the amount of timesheet reporting errors that routinely took place in a business and which consequently led to under-billing of clients. At the same time, the team behind TimeSheet Reporter realized that such a tool could provide valuable data that could come in handy for existing ERP, CRM or accounting systems. Such data could be used to easily address any concerns customers may have about their billing and also as a tool to provide better estimates for future client projects.
In other words, TimeSheet Reporter also proves to be an excellent case management tool.

Most importantly, unlike other case management tools, the staff does not have to learn any new tool or technology. TimeSheet Reporter integrates effortlessly with Microsoft Outlook and allows users to continue working on their appointments even as they are using Outlook calendar. Once they are done with their appointment, they can simply submit their timesheet through Outlook and add suitable comments that could help in addressing any concerns or needs of that particular client.

TimeSheet Reporter is thus a simple-to-use timesheet reporting tool that provides organizations the power to implement proper case management techniques through Outlook, effectively and effortlessly.


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