The cost-benefit analysis for the license is very positive in my favor
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Search on Project and Activity Type

Search on Project and Activity Type We’ve just added a couple of new features to TSR. The new features make it possible to use Project Type and Activity Type as search criteria when using the standard reports function in TSR WebAdmin. You now also have the option

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New Version of TSR Released

New Version of TSR Released New TSR Version The new version of TSR is here. Among the new enhancements are: Besides the above, we have also included a number of small enhancements that will make everything a bit better for you. How to get the new version

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Hosted TSR now available

Hosted TSR now available As you may know, we have in the last months worked very intensively on launching a hosted version of TimeSheet Reporter. The new version (5.3) makes it possible for you to only need to install the Outlook agent. Thus you don’t need to

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TSR 5.2 is almost here

TSR 5.2 is almost here We know that alot of you have been waiting for TimeSheet Reporter 5.2, which among other things come with a simplified installation as well as Office 2010 support. We want to ensure the quality of the new version before releasing it, and

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Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek We’re currently working hard on TimeSheet Reporter version 5.2, and we want to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect. Some of the highlighted features in TSR 5.2 will be: – Microsoft Office 2010 support – Manual Time Entry via Browser –

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TSR 5.1 Launched

News: TimeSheet Reporter 5.1 Launched Press Release, June 2010 TimeSheet Reporter Launches New Major Version Release TimeSheet Reporter® launches a new version of their software product, TimeSheet Reporter version 5.1, that makes timesheet reporting simple. The new version supports Microsoft Outlook® and thus an even larger audience

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