Consultant Time Tracking Software – Making Things Efficient and Better

Consultant Time Tracking Software

Consultant Time Tracking Software – Making Things Efficient and Better

Consultants usually work with a number of clients and on various projects at any given time. The time they spend on each of the projects is their source of revenue. This means, consultant time tracking has to be efficient if the consulting company wants to maximize the revenue. This is easier said than done because most consultants often spend a large part of their day trying to monitor time spent on different projects and activities, and quite often they forget to log in time, or they end up making an entry twice. This wastes a lot of time and adversely affects the productivity and revenue.

Imagine if there is software that could keep track of a consultant’s time by merely looking into the Microsoft outlook calendar entries, wouldn’t that make a consultant’s life easy? Of course, it would, and consultant time tracking software is a reality and is already helping a large number of consultants manage their time effectively and efficiently. One of the most popular and effective solutions for Consultant time tracking is TimeSheet reporter. It is a wonderful application that has been designed to work with Microsoft Outlook. It creates timesheets based on your Outlook calendar entries and generates automatic reports at the click of a button. Based on this timesheet, you can conveniently raise an invoice.

There are several benefits that you can seek from Consultant time tracking software.

Improved productivity: Consultant time tracking software creates timesheets quickly, efficiently, and without any errors. This means, you can now charge your client for all the billable hours without worrying about missed entries or double entries. You can also keep a track of progress of the project or activities, and also be aware of the approaching deadlines.

Saves time: By using a consultant time tracking solution like TimeSheet reporter, you save the precious time that you had to spend on making entries into your timesheet, and then sending it to the client for approval. All these tasks can now be handled automatically by this application which works alongside Microsoft Outlook.

Maximize revenue: For any business, time is money. It is especially true for consultants who charge their clients for the time they spend on their projects. So, better time management and efficient time recording through consultant time tracking software means higher revenue for the consultants.

Better control: With a software solution like TimeSheet reporter, consultants are able to have a better control on their activities. They can plan more effectively, and organize things in a way that leads to improved performance and productivity.


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