Do You Want the Best Time Tracking Software?

Do You Want the Best Time Tracking Software?

Do You Want the Best Time Tracking Software?

Yes, of course!

All successful business owners know the importance of having a reliable time tracking software to monitor and manage employee time. It is not just about employee efficiency and productivity, but more importantly it is about improving business processes and having better workflow.

It is also about the financial bottomline. When employees can focus their time and streamline their tasks to complete the required end results in the fastest and most effective way, the company will be able to gain a lot of monetary savings that can benefit everybody – owners, staff, and customers.

When you can correctly monitor time spent on a certain service, for example, you will be able to accurately bill your customers and not lose potential business earnings. Billing more than what you have actually provided would make you lose customers, while billing less will negatively affect your company’s income. Erroneous charging can make your products and services substandard and less satisfying.

These are only some of the benefits that a company can enjoy by having the best time tracking software utilized in their operation.

Clarify Your Motives

When beginning to implement a new time tracking software, it is quite normal for some of your employees to resist it or at least react negatively. Why are you monitoring my time? Don’t you trust me? These are possible questions that some of them might think.

That is why it is good to immediately let your people know your real reasons for putting such a system in place at the outset. When your motives are clear from the start, your employees will dutifully comply with all the requirements of time tracking and the whole program will be successful.

Properly and confidently explain that it is not about checking on them or controlling them but it is about improving business operations itself. Explain to them all the advantages that come with it and that the program will actually benefit all stakeholders of the company, including them.

Ultimately, make it clear that all you want is to help them finish their tasks easier and more efficiently by providing them with the right tools to do just that. And time tracking software is just one of those tools.

Some will still be unconvinced, for sure, but sooner or later as the new system gets going, these too will realize how it can even help them reach their full potential when it comes to work productivity.

The Best Time Tracking Software is Simple

Furthermore, always keep in mind that the best time tracking software is simple and easy to use. It does not make sense to have a complicated time management system that your employees will not be fond of using and will just add burden to their lives. In the first place, the reason that the tool is put into practice is to make it easier for them, so you have to make sure that it is basic, easy to understand, and user-friendly.

Not only that, even the managers and team leaders who they have to submit their timesheet reports to will also have a hard time collecting and interpreting their reports if you acquire a complicated time reporting system.

Time Tracking in Outlook

A simple and familiar time management tool is the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. The Outlook Calendar is a well-known program already used by most people for their own time management needs. It is a program that is commonly installed on office computers, which means that it is readily available and is easy to use and understand.

However, you cannot expect the Outlook Calendar to meet all the time management needs of your business by itself. Thus, it is highly recommended to incorporate a supplemental program that would enhance the Calendar’s features without making it complex, so that it will be able to cater all the time monitoring requirements of your company without causing inconvenience to your employees, thus making time tracking in Outlook easily available. Such a tool is TimeSheet Reporter.

Benefits of Time Tracking Using an Enhanced Outlook

A simple and familiar program is almost effortless to put into action. Because your employees will utilize the same software they are already using to manage their personal schedules, only a little training or simply an orientation should be enough for them to perform timesheet reporting, if you are using a solution such as TimeSheet Reporter. The company will be able to save on training budgets with this process as well.

Your managers or team leaders will also benefit from this simple timesheet reporting system as all reports will likely be submitted on time, have a uniform format, and contain all the necessary information needed to help them make sound decisions. Team leaders can immediately see if there are redundant tasks that should be eliminated from the workflow, or there are business practices that can be considered time-wasters and be able to deal with it accordingly. Leadership decisions can thus be taken much faster and on a much more sound grounding.

Even your field personnel can also benefit from this type of time reporting system. For example, if one of your technicians has just completed an onsite service, he or she can access the system with his mobile phone, update the timesheet report right then and there. He or she can also update the time entry via his or her Outlook calendar, even when offline, and the next time he or she is online it will automatically be synchronized. This kind of streamlined workflow will “wow” your customers, making them feel pleased with every contact they make with your company.

Having constantly happy and satisfied customers is the best way to also improve your company brand and reputation. Word-of-mouth promotion goes a long way in building a trustworthy image in any type of industry, and that translates into improved profits as well.

Another important advantage of this simple Outlook-based timesheet reporting tool is that it can be integrated with business-wide systems such as accounting, ERP, and CRM. Creating reports derived from these systems will never be as easy as when you can access all information needed in a single location.

Definitely, time tracking software that is simple and user-friendly can accomplish a lot to help you achieve all your business objectives faster and more effectively.

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