Does the Shoe Fit? Questions to Ask when Selecting a Time Tracking Tool for Your Company

Does the Shoe Fit? Questions to Ask when Selecting a Time Tracking Tool for Your Company

Does the Shoe Fit? Questions to Ask when Selecting a Time Tracking Tool for Your Company

If you have ever tried to find ways to create timesheets and keep track of employees and staff schedules without any expert help or specialized solutions, then you probably know how downright impossible it can be to find one that best fits. Like a foot stepping into a glass slipper, only the perfect time tracking tool can effectively monitor the specific schedule changes and time entries a business has – if it doesn’t fit, it certainly won’t be comfortable for employees and staff of the company.

If the Shoe Fits – Getting the Perfect Time Tracking Tool for Your Company

So, in order for the company to find the best time tracking tool for their business, they must first ask themselves a few questions. “What scheduling does my company need and what makes it different from other businesses?” “Can the time tracking tool be used with our present programs, software and infrastructure?” “Are there any special features and functions that the tool should have in order to make the lives of our company staff easier?” and most importantly, “Will it save us money, time and effort?” Once you establish the specific needs and wants of your company, you can start evaluating the field and looking for the best tool for your business.

One Size Fits All with Timesheet Reporter

However, you really don’t have to look any further. All of the questions above can be answered with a single time tracking tool – TimeSheet Reporter.

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to report time directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar. When creating an appointment in Outlook, you can now also add an Organization, Project and Activity, and the appointment then works as a timesheet.

What makes TimeSheet Reporter a leader in its field, is the high-quality software development, which is part of it. It is a time tracking tool of the highest quality and adaptability, and which can handle businesses of all shapes and sizes.

If you feel your timesheet reporting needs are too difficult for software to handle, then think again. TimeSheet Reporter has you covered. Not only does it have a wide selection of functions and options your company can use in order to bolster productivity and returns on investment, but it also melds well with other business programs and software that the company is already using. There is no time tracking tool other than TimeSheet Reporter, with the same amount of versatility and flexibility, on the market.

Slipping into the Glass Slipper

So, if you are in need of a time tracking tool with every thing you could want from a time reporting software, then Timesheet Reporter is the way to go. Browse around our website and see how it fits you and your company – and then get the free trial or contact us to learn more.


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