Efficiency and Productivity with the Right Microsoft Office 365 Timesheet Reporting Solution

Efficiency and Productivity with the Right Microsoft Office 365 Timesheet Reporting Solution

Efficiency and Productivity with the Right Microsoft Office 365 Timesheet Reporting Solution

One of the challenges of businesses today is how to effectively use the technology on their hands to increase efficiency. In certain areas, there really is no need to complicate things with a lot of tools. Such is the case with timesheet reporting. The time keeping solutions you choose to use for your business should not require you to deal with multiple software and platforms. If you are using the Outlook calendar to keep track of your time and employee schedules, you need to find a timesheet reporting program that seamlessly integrates with it.

If you are using Microsoft Office 365, and get your Outlook delivered that way, an obvious choice would be to select a time tracking tool that supports this platform, such as TimeSheet Reporter. In this way you’ll get a real and solid Office 365 timesheet reporting solution.

The most common issues in these operational areas, involve the accuracy of data and the ease with which the company’s personnel are able to maintain their records and generate reports. Manually copy-pasting data from the Outlook calendar and encoding information in another program for processing and generation of reports is prone to human errors. It also takes more time. The solution is a timesheet reporting software that automatically picks up data from what is already available and then generates the required reports. TimeSheet Reporter is such a tool.

Microsoft Office 365 Timesheet Reporting – The Solution and the Benefits

You can simplify your timekeeping when you integrate a compatible timesheet reporting solution with your existing Outlook calendar. This gives you and your employees more benefits, which ultimately results in efficiency and productivity.

  1. Hassle-Free Time Reporting – choosing a timesheet reporting solution with a user-friendly interface makes it easy for the employees and supervisors to log in time spent for work, projects, and even business trips, time-off, etc. The ideal solution would also have to be one that allows you to input or adjust your entries using your laptop or smartphone, also when you are on-the-go. This allows for accuracy since your employees can log in their time as they complete their tasks; you or your employees do not have to rely on your memory to keep track of time spent on projects until you get back to your workplace to make your time entries – the time is already recorded in your Outlook calendar.
  2. Time Savings – with an integrated time keeping and reporting solution, you do not have to spend a lot of time re-entering all the data in a separate software just to report your time and generate reports. You only have make the right entries in your calendar and enhance these with your timesheet reporting program, for example TimeSheet Reporter. Managers are able to check and approve the submitted time entries before generating the reports they need.
  3. Cost Savings – less errors in an integrated timesheet reporting system means less wasted resources for the company. Companies using this kind of solution will be able to rationalize their expenses when they have more accurate time entries. Managers will be able to monitor how their employees are spending their time and how much the company is spending on specific projects. When you use such a solution, you have more control over what employees do with their time and how your company spends its resources.

It goes without saying that your company needs to be efficient and productive for you to realize your profitability goals. If you are using Microsoft Office 365, a great Office 365 Timesheet reporting solution that gives you all the benefits detailed above, will also give you the competitive edge that you


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