Employee Time Sheets – How to Make it Easier for Everyone

Employee Time Sheets

Employee Time Sheets - How to Make it Easier for Everyone

Employee Time Sheets – How to Make it Easier for Everyone

It is not surprising that many employees treat timesheet software with a certain amount of trepidation. Most applications serve as tools for merely reporting employee time sheets, which can prove tedious particularly if the employee is working on multiple tasks, related to different projects, at the same time. Every time a task is completed, the user has to enter the times into employee time sheets for the particular project. In other words, the employee has to spend a lot of time and effort in simply updating timesheets.

Employee Time Sheets – Here’s how

Regular timesheet reporting tools are also not convenient for supervisors who have to monitor the time being spent on various tasks, remind employees who have not sent in their timesheets to do so and approve or disapprove of the timesheets sent to them. And if you happen to speak to project managers or senior management, they might even wonder how timesheet reporting tools might be useful to them in collecting useful information about project management or critical business functions.

TimeSheet Reporter, in one stroke, has managed to change the way people view timesheet reporting in general and employee timesheets in particular. To begin with, TimeSheet Reporter is a very easy-to-use employee timesheet reporting tool. Integrated into the popular Microsoft Outlook Calendar feature, this software allows users to continue working on their tasks for different projects – once they are done with their task, they can simply send in their employee timesheet through the Outlook calendar. No extra training or know-how is needed to use TimeSheet Reporter and the familiar interface makes the entire process a breeze, reducing the amount of time and effort a staff member has to spend in submitting employee time sheets. More importantly, the organization will now be able to track the number of hours spent on every task more accurately leading to an accurate billing of clients and an increase in profitability.

TimeSheet Reporter is attractive to supervisors too. It allows them to send reminders to staff who have not sent in the required number of hours via their employee timesheets that they are supposed to.
Further, TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to enter information about not just the project or organization the particular task or appointment was about, but also enter comments from the employee to the supervisor or vice-versa. This allows the user to explain why the task took the time it did or why a particular appointment was not approved.

Last and by no means the least, TimeSheet Reporter has made life easier for project managers and others in senior management positions. One can generate standard reports that help in monitoring the progress of any project as well as gain better control over it. Information collected from the employee time sheets is used to form better estimates about costs and time durations for future projects.

By better utilizing resources such as employee time, your company can achieve a vital competitive edge and TimeSheet Reporter can play an important role in understanding how exactly to do that.


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