Falck Makes Time Tracking Deal with TimeSheet Reporter

We’ve just released this press release:

International rescue company, Falck, has just made a framework agreement with TimeSheet Reporter regarding time tracking. TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to track time via the Outlook calendar.

The successful software company, TimeSheet Reporter, which makes it possible to track time via the appointments in Outlook, can put another feather in their cap. TimeSheet Reporter has just made a framework agreement with international rescue company, Falck, which means that TimeSheet Reporter within Falck is offered as the chosen solution in relation to timesheet reporting for administrative personnel.

Time Tracking Becomes Easier and More Accurate

Emergency IT Coordinator from Falck, Claus Canzella, says: “TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible for our users to report time via a platform they already know, that is Outlook. That means that time tracking becomes both a lot easier for the users and also more accurate.”

Claus Canzella from Falck continues: “Exactly that the time tracking is based on Outlook, makes the solution ideal for our users. They don’t have to log into different systems and remember when they did what.”

A Unique Solution and a Successful Company

TimeSheet Reporter has clients all over the world and is successful.
CEO from TimeSheet Reporter, Thomas Testmann, says: “We are a successful company and are really happy to also welcome Falck. We’re very proud of having made the agreement with one of the most renowned Danish companies.”

What makes TimeSheet Reporter a unique solution is that it makes it possible for the users to track time based on their appointments in Outlook. That means that the time reporting is made on time and is more accurate, since the information is already in the calendar.

Emergency IT Coordinator from Falck, Claus Canzella concludes: “We’re very happy about this agreement with TimeSheet Reporter. It is a really solid solution, which will most certainly provide a lot of value to our users.”


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