Features to Look for in the Best Time Tracking Software

Features to Look for in the Best Time Tracking Software

Features to Look for in the Best Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software, due to its efficiency and capability for enhancing productivity, has taken the place of the traditional paper timesheet. A wide range of industries can use software to effectively monitor work activities, track employee scheduling, and manage absence. However, the main question here is what features you should look for when buying time tracking software for your business. To help you out, here is an overview of some important features, which will enable you to select the best time tracking software.

Wide Implementation

To keep things simple, it is best that you opt for software, which can be accessed and used by employees throughout your company. For example, if there is a revision made to a project or a process by a manager, it would allow team members to view the revision immediately after it has been updated. This will streamline business processes significantly, and prevent the complications from having to enter information manually and that too multiple times. Moreover, since communication between various departments becomes easier and smoother, it will lead to increased effective collaboration, which is critical for ensuring future business success.


Keeping today’s business environment in mind, it is not uncommon for companies to have a diverse and dispersed workforce, with telecommuters and employees who travel on a regular basis. These needs can be accommodated effectively by choosing software that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time and using any device. Team members will be able to access the software and work from any location as long as they have a working internet connection, since they will be able to report time via the browser version of the solution, or via their smartphones.
They should also be able to report time via the software, even when offline.


Another feature you should consider is compatibility. The software should be compatible with a wide range of devices, particularly with yours, clients, and other employees who are working remotely. This will prevent issues when the software is implemented from any device, and allow work to continue in case one has lost or forgotten their device!


As you probably know, increasing overall efficiency and productivity requires gathering ample data in order to identify trends. So, the software you choose should have the ability to collect mass data, combine it, and create detailed reports that are easily understandable. It is best to have a variety of different graphs and charts available, as it allows the data to be absorbed intuitively by individuals. With ample data at your disposal, you can determine which aspects of your business require attention, and which are running smoothly. You can then revamp certain business processes to improve productivity.

Features Tailored According to Your Business

The best time tracking software is one that has features tailored according to your business’ needs. Perhaps you require time-off management to keep track of your employees paid time off, for holidays, sick days, or vacation days. Or you could need a comprehensive system, to see how many hours you spent on your clients. You may also want to monitor the activities of your team members to maximize output. Therefore, make sure the time tracking software can be customized according to the needs of your business.

Your business can thrive by implementing the right time tracking software. Information can be easily shared between various departments to prevent mistakes. Tracking and scheduling tasks can be done without frustration. Not to mention, inefficiencies can be identified and rectified before they grow into bigger problems. So, keep these features in mind to find the best time tracking software for your business, and your company will become more prolific and profitable over time.

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