Get Awesome Project Management Via Your Outlook Calendar

Project Management Outlook

Project Management Outlook

Get Awesome Project Management Via Your Outlook Calendar

Many project managers look for sophisticated tools or software that will help simplify the job of project management or ease the completion of tasks. Not many bother to look at using the complete set of features in tools that they are already using and are probably very familiar with.
One such great tool that can be used very effectively in project management is the Outlook calendar together with TimeSheet Reporter.

The Benefits of Project Management in Outlook

The Outlook calendar has many features that let project managers take charge of a wide variety of tasks and ensure that the project is completed on time.

  • Outlook calendar can easily set up recurring tasks. Project management involves monitoring a wide variety of tasks and very often, it also involves doing tasks of an identical nature. For example, having Monday morning meetings to review the status of a project. The Outlook calendar can very easily set up this task or event any number of times that a project manager wants to.
  • When the Outlook calendar is used, it is easy to set it up to remind you of the tasks that need to be completed, ahead of time. The project manager can view all the tasks that have to be completed on a single day or a few days ahead.
  • Outlook calendar also helps in project management by allowing the project manager to use automatic labeling and formatting to quickly identify important tasks or meetings. Managers can also stay on track and monitor project status better by requesting their Outlook calendar to remind them of particular deadlines.

When it comes to timesheet reporting though, project managers find various systems to be either too difficult to implement or employees find it very time consuming to log into different systems for different projects and enter the time. This is where TimeSheet Reporter works wonders with an already existing tool – the Outlook calendar.

Most employees are already familiar with how the Outlook calendar works and project managers are aware of its powerful project management features. TimeSheet Reporter allows users to continue using their Outlook calendar to schedule meetings and tasks but also facilitates the submission of timesheets from their Outlook calendar once the task is done. As easy as that! No logging into different systems, no having to remember how much time was spent on each project. Project managers on the other hand get standard reports informing them of how much time was spent on different tasks and then can use this data to help them in better project management.

Though timesheet reporting was once believed to be necessary only to compute employee pays and client bills, TimeSheet Reporter has shown how by building on existing infrastructure and employee skills, a timesheet reporting tool can be converted into an awesome project management tool.



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