Get the Best Office Team Timesheet Solution

Get the Best Office Team Timesheet Solution

Get the Best Office Team Timesheet Solution

With the use of TimeSheet Reporter, an office team timesheet can be maximized efficiently. Moreover, timesheet reporting may be a challenging and time-consuming task – not to mention a daunting one. A lot of employees do not enjoy this task as it entails a lot of effort. Managers also find it increasingly unpleasant to remind their employees to do the reporting. Conventional timesheet reporting needs a lot of resources and it also shifts one’s focus away from important office work.

There are many office workers familiar with staff complaining that they have to spend a lot of time accessing various office systems, finding the appropriate projects, and registering them on time. Moreover, missing hours on payable customer assignments can cause the organization to lose money.

When one misses hours on internal projects, it means that the organization loses control over various office activities and the tasks of various personnel.

How an Office Team Timesheet Can Benefit Your Organization

TimeSheet Reporter is an office team timesheet solution that can greatly benefit both management and staff, and makes it possible to report time directly via your Microsoft Outlook calendar. Most company employees utilize the Microsoft Outlook Calendar while doing their tasks. With Microsoft Outlook and TimeSheet Reporter, you can use it for timesheet reporting assignments. TimeSheet Reporter is advantageous for a company’s existing infrastructure. There is no need for the company’s users to use another program to enter time spent at work. Also, almost no training is needed for management or employees to use TimeSheet Reporter. If they can use Outlook, they can use TSR.

With TSR you can also integrate your office team timesheet into other systems like CRM and ERP. With the use of TimeSheet Reporter, you can acquire pre-defined timesheet reports that show how employees spend their time.

All one has to do is to just use the Microsoft Outlook calendar, click the TSR icon and add information needed for an appointment like a particular activity, organization, and project. The appointment now works as an office team timesheet.

When the employee has finished inputting the necessary information for the appointment, he or she can submit it to the supervisor for approval. This can also be accomplished in bulk so that the user can get a good look of all appointments not submitted within a particular time frame. The un-submitted appointments can then be submitted at the same time during a single process.

With TimeSheet Reporter, timesheet reporting can be done effortlessly, and also make a company quicker in regard to their processes. It also makes a company more competitive. Since an office team timesheet can be accomplished efficiently, resources can be used for other purposes. A company can also ensure that hours spend on customer-related projects are also being reported. This also means that management can clearly view how their employees allocate their time at work. In short, TimeSheet Reporter can help a company gain a competitive advantage.


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