Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Outlook Time Reporting and Tracking Solution

Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Outlook Time Reporting and Tracking Solution

Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Outlook Time Reporting and Tracking Solution

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is perhaps one of the most utilized time management computer programs nowadays. Whether at the office or at home, this accessible software is versatile and functional enough to satisfy standard time management needs.

In terms of business use, time tracking in Microsoft Outlook is always a great idea. There are many reasons as to why this is true, but foremost of them is the practicality and availability of the Outlook calendar. The Outlook Calendar is in fact a commonly pre-installed program on almost all modern office computers together with other essential office programs and their corresponding operating systems. Together with a solution like TimeSheet Reporter, this can be a really strong time reporting solution for your company.

More than that, using the Outlook Calendar together with TSR for employee’s timesheet reporting will not necessitate any exclusive courses or trainings as well. You don’t have to remove your staff from their current tasks, and potentially misuse their valuable time, just to attend a whole day seminar about the new time tracking system.

Since the Calendar is a common program used by individuals to manage their schedules, most of your people may already know how to use it. This is a huge advantage because you and your team leaders will not have a difficult time getting your employees to comply with submitting timesheet reports because they are not burdened by it in the first place. Implementing a company-wide timesheet reporting and tracking system will be a breeze by using Microsoft Outlook as your base program, together with a solution like TimeSheet Reporter.

Time tracking in Microsoft Outlook Alone Is Not Enough

However, with all the advantages of using Microsoft Outlook, time reporting and tracking using the Outlook Calendar alone is not enough. It may be more than sufficient for time management, but in relation to timesheet reporting, it may be inadequate to meet all the demands of a company. The solution to this is to have add-on software that can supplement or enhance the capabilities of the calendar.

It should be noted that while the Outlook is quite simple and useful on its own, different businesses require different time management and reporting functions, and this calls for putting in additional features to the regular calendar. Fortunately, there is an available time tracking tool today that can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to maximize its benefits for your company. And yes, you guessed it – it’s TimeSheet Reporter.

Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Outlook Time Reporting and Tracking Solution

A supplemental time tracking tool is needed to take full advantage of your organization’s Microsoft Outlook time reporting and tracking. This add-on software boosts the functions of the ordinary Outlook calendar to accommodate the distinct requirements of your business, and makes it possible to report time using your calendar appointments.

This supplemental time tracking software also makes it possible for your employees to track their time and create their own timesheet reports without using a different program other than Outlook. Using multiple software products to attain a single result, such as generating a timesheet report, can be highly prone to a lot of mistakes. Copying and pasting data from one program to another is quite vulnerable to human errors especially when done in large quantities.

Enhanced time tracking in Microsoft Outlook will allow your employees to access only a single program to input timesheet data and create their reports as well. With the improved Outlook, time monitoring reports can be produced automatically as long as timesheet data are kept up-to-date. Even for employees who are working in the field, the software’s support for mobile access as well as the ability to report time via Outlook also when offline, will help them keep their timesheets updated.

This streamlined approach to time tracking increases the integrity of information disclosed in timesheet reports, which will result in better interpretation by the company team leaders who will receive them.

Accurate timesheet data is also important when it comes to customer invoicing and billing. When customer billings are incorrect, the company and its employees, and the customers themselves are negatively affected. For the company, an incorrect billing means that it may be losing viable income. Employees will also suffer, especially those who are paid per hour or per time spent in a particular job, because they will not be compensated properly. Lastly, for the customers, inaccurate billings can potentially deprive them of high value for their money.

Maintaining accurate invoice records with clients is necessary for excellent customer service and to establish good relations with them. If the company is giving incorrect invoices over and over again, or have inconsistent billing records, customers may look for another product or service provider and will not come back to patronize your business again.

Aside from allowing each of your employees to easily create their individual reports, this improved version of the Outlook Calendar can also be linked to essential company-wide systems like accounting, ERP, and CRM, for producing more wide-ranging financial and/or annual reports and to improve customer service operations.

Another important benefit of using add-on software, such as TimeSheet Reporter, with the calendar is that all reports created are uniform or harmonized since they each come from a single source. When reports have the same template and contain similar data, team leaders will be able to read them without too much trouble, and they too can make their own reports much easier. Other than that, by correctly understanding the reports, managers and supervisors can immediately make a decision and implement it in case there are inconsistencies in the results. These quick decision-making opportunities lets the company improve its business processes much faster.

All of this goes to show that effective time management is indeed extremely important for any type of business to have a high level of employee productivity and operational efficiency. This means that getting the most out of your Microsoft Outlook time reporting and tracking system can make your company successful and more profitable in the short as well as long run.

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