Get Your Business Expense Tracker Integrated with Your Time Tracking Solution

Get Your Business Expense Tracker Integrated with Your Time Tracking Solution
Get Your Business Expense Tracker Integrated with Your Time Tracking Solution

In this fast-moving, digital era of the, time management is one of the biggest challenges faced by the corporate business world. Every business needs smart, fast, and efficient solutions for their day to day business needs. Saving time and having efficient use of resources is one of the top priorities of any organization.

To fulfill management needs, businesses have to rely on specific tools and management software. These tools help companies to manage their daily tasks on the go. To get even more efficient management of resources these tools should be integrated into existing software.

Having expense tracking integrated with your time tracking is one such area.

The Best Timesheet Software – An Overview

It is paramount that you find an efficient and less time-consuming timesheet reporting solution for your business organization. The right time tracking solution helps your organization to simplify timesheet reporting, save time, resources, and become stronger than your competitors.

Good timesheet software aims to transform your business and organization by providing efficient management solutions. Time reporting software is more of a need than a want. Almost every industry includes dealing with clients. To do this in the best way, having proper hours reporting is one of the best things that you can do.

The Solution to Time Sheet Management Problems

As discussed earlier, nobody can deny the importance of time management when it comes to managing a business. Timesheet reporting without any efficient tool could be a challenging and daunting process for your employees.

Time reporting is one of the things that not all enjoy doing, but it has to be done; otherwise things will become difficult for your organization. It can sometimes be a daunting two-way process where managers ask their staff to get proper reports from them, and the team is doing their best to keep up with the challenge. 

The staff is may in some cases be observed complaining about how they have to spend a lot of time getting time reporting done. They might have to use different systems, find the right projects, register, and then integrate them accordingly.  

The right time tracking solution, for example like TimeSheet Reporter offers a win-win solution, a product that will make life easier for both management and staff of an organization.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used tools to manage your calendar. The right time reporting solution, like TSR, is built on that to report time on organizations, projects, and activities from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. 

How Does It Work?

When creating an appointment in Microsoft Outlook, your timesheet add-in will provide additional features like selection of a proper organization, project, and activity. Everything will be stored along with the appointment. 

After adding the required details, you can optionally click submit and the time details will be passed on to be approved or rejected by the respective supervisor. This information could also be integrated with systems such as ERP, CRM etc. This timesheet reporting information that is collected using your solution, will play a vital role in time management, project management, payroll, billing, etc.  

Having a Business Expense Tracker with Your Time Reporting

No matter if an organization is small or huge, a business that is not managing its expenses is not going to do well in the market. A lot of businesses have employees traveling, which may include expenses. Thus having a proper business expense tracker is essential for any business. 

In some cases, the organization pays in advance, or the employees pay for the expenses and are reimbursed for the expenses by the company later. Having proper accounting and management is thus important. 

A solution might be making completely new software and then customize it according to needs. Although this could be done, it is a time taking process and will be challenging for employees. 

What if you are provided with software that will work in your existing infrastructure and will provide you with a solution to managing your expenses? Well, having a time tracking solution that includes a business expense tracker, will provide you with this solution.

The right software solution offers a time tracking solution with integration of expense management. You can create an appointment in Outlook, add project and activity to track time. Expense tracking is a feature that can be added along with the appointment. Overall expenses, type of expense, their monetary value, which might be fixed or variable, can be added in the expense tracking option.

After adding the expenses with their type, you can submit it along with the appointment. In this way, your supervisor would be notified about the expenses that are to be reimbursed. In this way, it will be ensured that correct and on-time management of expenses is being registered on the system.

Easy Overview with Reports

Time and expense management is critical when it comes to managing the projects in an organization. With robust reporting and an easy interface, you can have a quick look at how projects are handled and what improvements you could make for future projects. It is easy to navigate and manage the reports. 

With a few clicks, the overview of all the expenses will be on your screen. Based on this you can then also in the system create documents for reimbursement of your employees, for expenses that they’ve paid for. These documents can then be signed by manager and employee, and be kept safe in soft or hard from. 

A strong time tracking solution combined with the features of proper expense reporting will be ideal for your business needs. Your accounting department could work efficiently in the overall tracking of expenses by using the expense management option.

Essential Features

Certain features that make your time reporting solution stand out:

Integration with Microsoft Outlook: You don’t have to learn the software from scratch. No long installation is required. The solution will be installed on your pre-existing infrastructure. Simply add the extra information through TSR when creating your Outlook appointment. Your appointment will be now be saved with proper timesheet details.

Organizations made agile: In this competitive era of business, even small things have a lot of impact. Having an efficient organization is necessary to stay on top of your competitors. Freeing resources by using tools such as a good timesheet solution which also offers you a business expense tracker integrated, will make sure you have hours left to focus on your clients and projects, and have a clear overview of things.

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