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Getting Started with TSR

Getting Started With TSR

Getting Started with TSR

This post is simply about some tips to use TSR even better.

If you’ve tried out TSR, but were a bit unsure on how to get started well, we created a ‘Getting Started’ guide several months ago, which you should definitely take a look at, also if you are currently using TSR, since it may optimize the way you work with TSR. You can find the guide here: Getting Started.

Another article we’ve just created is on how to get started with adding data to your account (users, user groups, projects, etc.). Even if you are using TSR today in your business, this guide may give you an overview and make you even more effective. You can find this here: Getting Some Data to Work With in TSR.

As always, if you have any questions or need any help, just let us know.



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