Give Employees Freedom with Outlook Calendar Tracking

Give Employees Freedom with Outlook Calendar Tracking

Give Employees Freedom with Outlook Calendar Tracking

While everyone would love to be their own boss, the reality of the matter is that businesses just don’t operate that way. There is the opportunity to give each and every employee a feeling of autonomy, and that is to give them some level of control over their own schedules and tasks. No matter what the employee is doing, knowing how you spent your time is essential, both for the individual employee as well as management. This is why time tracking software is a valuable tool here.

The beauty of this type of software is that it’s easy to get a look at who is doing what at any time. That makes it easier to ensure that all of the projects that you are working on are being attended to equally, or as needed. The problem here is that you may not know what anyone is working on at a given time until after the fact, but that can all be attended to if you do Outlook calendar tracking, that is using time tracking software that easily incorporates into Microsoft Outlook. Let’s take a closer look at why this is such an important option to look for when selecting this type of software for your business.

The Benefits of Outlook Calendar Tracking

Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for employees to use a journal or day timer to keep track of the hours worked, and what they might be working on in the next couple of weeks or months. All of those notes then had to be transferred to a PC, or typed up and sent in for approval by a supervisor. This was a very time consuming, laborious process, but it was pretty much the best option available at that time.

Nowadays, everything has gone electronic, and employees have all of their information available at their computer or mobile device. Instead of a book, they now have a PC, smartphone or tablet where they can keep all of their information straight and up to date. For many, this is done using the calendar function in Microsoft Outlook. It’s easy to get access to the information at a moment’s notice, and if your business uses time tracking software with Outlook integration, as in Outlook calendar tracking, you can see what everyone has been working on, and what they are going to do with a couple of mouse clicks.

To make things even better, look for a piece of software that allows users to update their info even when there isn’t an internet connection at their disposal, and also make sure that the software has an option that allows for supervisor approval of all the time entries. Yes, you want to be able to deliver a level of freedom to the employees that work so hard for you, but you also want to make sure that all of the jobs that you have on the books are being covered at all times. It’s just an efficient, productive way to get the job done, and you’ll find that it will free up a ton of time that was previously spent doing paperwork.

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