High School Time Tracking – All You Need To Know

The challenge with High School Time Tracking

High School Time Tracking - All You Need To Know

High School Time Tracking – All You Need To Know

High school teachers and staff are the backbone of the nation. They educate young adults and prepare them for college and adulthood. These brilliant men and women hold the future of the country in their hands.

There are really a lot of tasks that they are responsible for. Making sure that they track the time they spend on different tasks is important to ensure that they are using their time productively and are getting compensated for the hours they put in.

This brings to the forefront the importance of proper high school time tracking, since educators need to identify specific tasks performed within the designated times and to determine whether time is really being spent for these tasks.

There are high school time tracking tools today that educators and administrators can easily use. These tools are not only valuable for the educators but for the administrators as well. The old fashioned way of tracking time would be the calendar or the clock method. This involves manually logging tasks and hours. This, however, could prove to be counterproductive at times. The accuracy of time keeping can sometimes be compromised due to human error, and you also have to consider how much time it will actually take to report time.

High School Time Tracking – The Solution

Since most of the tasks today involve the use of computers and high school employees are also using Microsoft Outlook, it would be a better way to track time through tools like the Outlook calendar together with a good time tracking solution. This would allow educators to log in their tasks and monitor the time it takes them to complete these tasks in a more efficient manner. All it takes is a just a few clicks of a button.

Tasks like teaching a class, grading papers, planning schedules, holding internal meetings, and other required educator activities can be logged into the calendar and then converted into timesheets for proper reporting. No longer will the educator have to compute for actual hours spent for each task. Neither will he or she have to input everything all over again to prepare other required administrative reports. When Outlook is paired with a good high school time tracking system, all information can be integrated and used for other administrative systems such as those for computing employee benefits and for appraising performance.

By tracking time more efficiently with these automated systems, educators and administrators in a high school can enjoy the following benefits:

  • More accurate time keeping for work-related tasks.
  • Less time spent in the preparation of timesheets and other time reports.
  • Efficient record keeping for vacations and leaves.
  • More realistic project time management.
  • More reliable information to be used in evaluating the business side of running an educational institution.

The tandem of the Microsoft Outlook calendar and the TimeSheet Reporter system gives high school educators and administrators a more convenient way to deal with timesheet reporting. With this and all the other administrative tasks done within a fraction of the time it used to take them, high school educators can focus on the more important task of providing the best possible learning experience for their students.


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