Hour registration – Here is how to do it in MS Outlook

Hour Registration

Hour registration - Here is how to do it in MS Outlook

Hour registration – Here is how to do it in MS Outlook

Hour registration is one of the primary tasks that an employee has to perform in an organization to report the work activities he has performed on a specific project. Hour registration helps the employee as well as the organization to keep track of all the activities related to client or internal business activity. Effective time management is a core goal for any business organization looking to improve its productivity and quite evidently an easy and effective hour registration process is crucial to its success.

Although hour registration is a useful activity for the business organization, it may not be as smooth and easy for the employees to maintain every hour of work without the help of effective and easy to use software. The process of hour registration or time registration is a painful process if no external help is taken. It is therefore important to take the help of an effective timesheet management system like TimeSheet Reporter, which offers a great deal of versatility in hour registration. The software works with the Outlook Calendar, which makes it easy for employees to understand and work with it. Rather than using a new system to register an account and submit their timesheet, employees can continue to work with their Outlook client to register the time spent at work and send the report to their supervisors. The fact that MS Outlook is widely used across enterprises also makes it the perfect choice to integrate with a timesheet application such as TimeSheet Reporter, so that hour registration functions can be easily accessed by employees with minimum effort.

Another challenge to effective hour registration occurs when the work involves activities where the employee is on the move most of the time and has no access to enter their timesheet details. This used to be a major hassle for employers until the advent of automated timesheet management systems with caching features offered by TimeSheet Reporter, which allows employees to submit timesheets even if they are offline or on the move. With TimeSheet Reporter employees can also use cached profiles to register the time they spent every hour and if they are offline TimeSheet Reporter will synchronize the data once they are online again.

TimeSheet Reporter not only helps the employee to register their work activity every hour, but also generates standard reports for project managers which makes them aware about the current status of work. The manager can then further plan out what steps should be taken in order to complete the tasks with the optimum utilization of time and resources. Moreover, this software can also track the number of billable hours each day. The software can also send automated notifications to employees who have not submitted their reports in time.

TimeSheet Reporter in essence comes across as a holistic solution for hour registration needs for organizations and it can significantly improve the operational efficiency of different processes with effortless ease.