Hour Registration with TimeSheet Reporter

Hour Registration

Hour Registration

Hour Registration with TimeSheet Reporter

Hour registration has never been as important as now. With the right solution you can increase both your effectivity, profits and satisfaction among employees and customers.
TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to do hour registration on organizations, projects and activities directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
A big challenge for many organizations today is to get the time and hours spent on different projects, both internal and external, registered. For employees it can often be a hassle to have to enter different systems and manually enter time, and at the same time remember when they did what and for how long. For management it’s a challenge to constantly having to remind the employees to do their hour registration.
All this can lead to non-satisfaction and incorrect hour registrations, which means lack of control with projects and wrong billing of customers.

How to Get a Great Hour Registration Solution

TimeSheet Reporter (TSR) solves these hour registration challenges by making everything more simple. With TimeSheet Reporter,employees can register their time directly from their Outlook calendar. That means that they don’t have to enter different systems and remember all kinds of different information.
This simplified hour registration enables you to free resources, achieve greater control and overview, and not least more accurate timesheet reporting.

TSR furthermore comes with a powerful administration module which enables you to administer users, rights, and more, as well as approve or reject submitted time entries.
Furthermore a line of standard reports is included, so you can easily get an overview of your organization’s hour registration.

Additionally you can share data with your other systems, such as accounting, ERP and CRM, both ways, so that you can import for example projects and customers to TSR, and export your hour registration.

With the right tool hour registration is thus able to both empower and simplify your business processes.



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