How an Outlook Calendar Timesheet Can mean Better Timekeeping and Profits

How an Outlook Calendar Timesheet Can mean Better Timekeeping and Profits

How an Outlook Calendar Timesheet Can mean Better Timekeeping and Profits

If you’ve ever stopped to contemplate how much money your company might be losing each month through inaccurate timesheet reporting, you would have been horrified at the magnitude of the numbers. If each employee fails to report as few as five hours per month, this could translate into a loss of thousands of dollars in revenue. This can be neatly avoided by using TimeSheet Reporter to create a Microsoft outlook calendar timesheet for everyone who works at your company.

An Outlook Calendar TimeSheet Directly Addresses the Cause of Inaccurate Timekeeping

Inaccurate timekeeping isn’t something people do willingly – especially if they know they will make less money if they report fewer hours. More often than not, it results from all the trouble they have to go through in order to make a time report. Manually kept timesheets are, of course, tedious, and most timekeeping applications are not much better. Both the training required to implement a separate system for reporting hours and having to log in to the system to use it wastes time that your employees could be spending on more useful things, and they know it. The hassle also means that the time reporting can be incorrect.

TimeSheet Reporter addresses this by incorporating timekeeping into Microsoft Outlook, which many businesses already use to keep track of appointments. Once you have TSR, all you have to do is add extra information to the appointments you wish, in your calendar (the project, organization, and activity) in order to create an Outlook calendar timesheet. This tool is thus easy and convenient to use. And it can be updated anywhere, at any time, even when the user is offline – it will automatically synchronize the next time they are online.

Agility and Efficiency Make for a Successful Business

The time and effort saved by integrating timesheets into Outlook free you to attend to the needs of your clients and your company. This will save you money by making sure that every hour is spent as productively as possible. Quickly getting reports of how employees spent their hours also means that you can present your client with an accurate bill in record time. You can also share data from TSR with your other programs, for example ERP, CRM and also Excel. There is no doubt that this agility and efficiency will give you a good name and set your business on its way to success.

So contact TimeSheet Reporter today, so that you can get started getting the best possible Outlook calendar timesheet solution that fits your company perfectly.

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