How Microsoft Outlook Timesheets Help Monitor Billable Hours

How Microsoft Outlook Timesheets Help Monitor Billable Hours

How Microsoft Outlook Timesheets Help Monitor Billable Hours

Specialists and consultants are widely known to charge for their services by the hour. This requires accuracy when it comes to monitoring billable hours for them to ensure the profitability of their businesses. In today’s modern corporate arena, accurate monitoring of billable and employee hours are also becoming a pressing need to prevent profit loss caused by erroneous time reporting. Microsoft Outlook timesheets can help a lot with regards to this matter.

Why Monitor Billable Hours using Microsoft Outlook Timesheets

Aside from preventing profit loss, billable hours should be accurately monitored because:

  • They can help company leaders determine the exact time and effort a service needs to be completed or the allowable time a process requires to increase efficiency. This allows team leaders to make valuable decisions on how to further streamline processes and improve corporate services.
  • They can be used to promptly answer customer inquiries regarding their bills or invoices. This will gain stakeholder trust and help develop warmer customer relations.
  • They can help manage internal projects better. Project managers will be able to know which tasks should be done faster or which ones are unnecessary. This will make special projects faster to accomplish.

With all these important reasons, accurately monitoring billable hours is actually not that easy to execute. Time tracking and monitoring can be hard for employees especially if they have a lot taking place on their tables. You need a timesheet reporting tool that is not only accurate and functional but is simple and easy to use as well.

Microsoft Outlook Timesheets: The Ideal Solution

When it comes to simplicity, the Microsoft Outlook Calendar is the best program to use for your time tracking needs, when used together with a solution like TimeSheet Reporter. Outlook is a familiar application that is most likely already being used by your employees for their own personal schedules. Microsoft Outlook timesheets,made with a solution like TimeSheet Reporter, are easy to read and understand.

What makes it ideal is the addition of supplemental software, such as TSR, that makes it more powerful to accommodate all the time tracking requirements of your organization. With this add-on software, you will be able to maximize the user-friendliness of Outlook and make it useful in accurately monitoring billable hours.

The Best Way to Monitor Billable Hours

Utilizing Microsoft Outlook timesheets allows your team members to simply access their existing Outlook program on their computers. You don’t need to access other programs or have another round of trainings for it to be implemented in your office.

Timesheet reports are also very easy to produce. It will only take one mouse click and a few seconds of wait before a comprehensive billable time report can be generated. With this efficiency and accuracy, you can be sure that there will no longer be profit losses in your company that is caused by inaccurate time monitoring.

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