How Quality Leave Tracking Won’t Leave Your Business Hanging

How Quality Leave Tracking Won’t Leave Your Business Hanging

How Quality Leave Tracking Won’t Leave Your Business Hanging

Sick leaves, maternity leaves, and vacations are all a natural part of doing business and working with employees. Just like all other human beings, employees require time to rest, take a vacation, take care of their health or deal with other important things. While any good leader should recognize leave and time-off as a good thing for proper staff treatment, they are also probably aware of how hard leave tracking can be to manage.

The Difficulty of Accurate Leave Tracking

Employees make up the central part of a business – they complete the work from which the company makes a profit. It is therefore imperative to track their time properly. This includes both the time they spend on company projects, but also on how much time they are off work. Leave tracking is therefore extremely important.

With proper leave tracking you can see for example how much time an employee has been away on vacation and compare that to what they are allowed to, thus making it easy to see how much vacation time they have left.

It’s also a good way to see how much time is spend on doctor’s visits and sick days, and general time off. This goes for both the individual employee as well as the organization as a whole.

However, leave tracking is harder work than it first lets on. Employees can go on leave at seemingly random times, and without the right tools, monitoring when each individual employee goes on leave and when he or she comes back can be downright impossible. This is especially true with large companies where hundreds or even thousands of employees work.

Leave Tracking Software to Get Your Business on Track

Leave tracking software by TimeSheet Reporter takes care of the work for you. TSR makes it possible to use your Microsoft Outlook calendar for timesheet reporting. When creating an appointment in Outlook you can now add an Organization, Project and Activity with TSR, and such an Activity or Project could for example be named ‘Time-off’, ‘Vacation’, or what ever you choose.

In this way you can easily track how much time is spent on work projects and how much on leave.


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