How Time Tracking with an Outlook Timesheet Add-in can Improve Your Business

How Time Tracking with an Outlook Timesheet Add-in can Improve Your Business

How Time Tracking with an Outlook Timesheet Add-in can Improve Your Business

Any business should be managed with impeccable professionalism and every quintessential detail of how the company operates must be at the fingertips of the owners or most senior executives. Time is one of the most valuable components in business. While the focus is almost always on revenue and hence the cost per hour or the per unit sale price, time tracking is equally important if not more. Efficient use of time can have a far-reaching impact on how a business is run, if it has the competitive edge and if it will be a profitable venture.

The Importance of Time Tracking

Time tracking is necessary for a plethora of assessments. Time tracking allows a business to know which activity takes what amount of time, how many hours are necessary to get a particular task done, which projects get completed faster and which ones take longer, how a particular project is phased and which phases are stretched out to deal with complexities, and eventually the process offers a time capsule for all the hours paid for or billed. Most businesses narrow down their revenues to an hourly income and expenses are also calculated accordingly. It is incumbent for an owner, manager or supervisor to know the productivity per hour as well.

Using a Reliable Outlook Timesheet Add-in

Time tracking doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as an Outlook timesheet add-in can streamline the whole process. Using an Outlook timesheet add-in brings in no changes to how a professional works, there is no additional task or duty. The solution runs on its own, quietly and in the background, recording every important detail and generating reports for assessment of vital developments.

Most organizations use the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. A really good Outlook timesheet add-in gets integrated with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. It tracks all projects and activities, generates standard reports, records expenses and calculates hourly rates, keeps a tab on time entries, facilitates data sharing including exporting to excel or spreadsheet among other formats and the solution runs online as well as offline.

Time tracking helps professionals become more efficient. It helps supervisors to identify areas needing improvement and also allows them to strategize different operations to ensure that they take the least amount of time. Having numbers or hard data at one’s disposal is always the foundation to a sound strategy. A reliable solution for time tracking can be the difference between inefficiency and efficiency at various levels of an organization.

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