How To Develop Operational Excellence with Outlook Time Tracking Software

How To Develop Operational Excellence with Outlook Time Tracking Software

How To Develop Operational Excellence with Outlook Time Tracking Software

The day-to-day operations of a company means a lot when it comes to its profitability and sustainability. When business operations are excellent, it positively affects all of the firm’s stakeholders, including its employees and customers. This is why operational excellence is something that every good organization aspires to develop.

The more efficient a company’s business processes are, the better its products and services become. That perhaps is the biggest benefit of well-organized daily operations. And at the end of the day, great products and services are actually what make a brand stand out from its competitors. As long as customers are kept happy and satisfied with what you are offering, and you are delivering them as you have promised, the chances of brand loyalty and retention are extremely high. In the long run, your patrons can become your very own brand ambassadors, and word-of-mouth advertising will come to be your greatest marketing asset. This deliberate brand positioning strategy will enable your company to enlarge its customer base and will have an immense effect on its financial bottomline when achieved.

Aside from that, a streamlined business operation can save the company a lot of money as well. By reducing losses, eliminating unnecessary tasks, and simplifying the whole business process, the company can increase its total net income. This could translate into a lot of options and possibilities, as you can provide your staff with improved benefits and your clients with more value for their money.

In addition, when daily operations are simple and easy to execute and understand, employees become more productive and more fulfilled with their jobs. Clearly defined job descriptions and process workflows empower regular employees to appropriately fix issues at their level without having to interrupt their managers. This gives them enough confidence to perform at their best while also allowing managers to have plenty of time to spend on priority issues, innovating and further improving business operations instead of solving uncomplicated and monotonous everyday problems.

These all-embracing gains in developing operational excellence certainly make it one of the most important aspects of running a company if you want to have a thriving business.

One of the most proven ways to develop operational excellence is effective time tracking. If you would look at the best companies in the world, you would see one thing similar in all of them: they successfully track and manage their employees’ time. It seems to be that the number one solution of corporate leadership when trying to increase employee productivity and minimize system losses is to implement effective time tracking software.

The Best Time Tracking Software

The right time tracking software could really spell the difference between an efficient and an inefficient company. However, the problem with most of today’s time tracking software is that they are too difficult to use and implement, which is why the program is not accepted well by the company’s employees. The interface is so complex that inputting time and making a report is troublesome. Sometimes formal teaching and a large number of training hours, which costs a lot, are needed for a system to be understood and utilized. This is one of the biggest reasons why most organizations are hesitant in acquiring their own time reporting system.

The best time tracking software, however, is efficient, reliable, and proficient, but at the same time simple, familiar, and easy-to-use as well. Time tracking using Outlook with add-on software, such as TimeSheet Reporter, is perfect for that purpose.

Outlook Time Tracking Software

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a very familiar program used by most people as their own personal time management tool. Whether at work or home, the Outlook Calendar is really popular. They are normally installed in most computers together with conventional office applications such as text and spreadsheet editors. If you can have corporate time tracking software based on the Outlook Calendar, and accommodate it to your company’s prescribed business needs, then you can be sure that implementing a timesheet reporting system will be easy and you can successfully improve your business’ day-to-day operations.

The ease of time tracking using Outlook as base software will allow your staff and other employees to comply with making time reports without much trouble and they can submit them promptly. Company team leaders will have an easier time implementing the new system, and it will no longer be a taxing chore that employees need to accomplish because they are already using the Outlook Calendar for managing their schedules even before this type of office time tracking tool is implemented.

The beauty of submitting complete timesheet reports on time is that department managers will be able to immediately identify discrepancies in process workflows, which can be solved or improved right away without delay.

Furthermore, enhanced Outlook time tracking software also allows the company to have standardized reports, which makes report consolidation a lot easier as well. Team leaders simply collate all the time reports of their staff and generate a single report to be submitted to their own managers if needed. When reports have the same format, consolidating takes less time and company leaders can deal with potential issues or risks that are identified as soon as possible. Reports are also easier to browse, allowing for faster interpretation, which will lessen the load of team leaders accordingly.

Not only are reports harmonized and standardized, they can be automatically generated as well. Users don’t need to spend one half or a whole day’s work just to make a decent timesheet report as they can readily generate their own reports with a single click of a button as long as they keep their timesheets updated. This increases the probability of total compliance from regular staff as well as from supervisors and managers. This high compliance rate will allow team leaders to focus more on further developing the company’s business processes.

Other ways that time tracking using Outlook can help improve operational excellence is through its availability when on the road. Mobile access of the system is especially beneficial for personnel who regularly services clients in the field. With this kind of system, staff on the road can provide accurate billings or invoices to customers immediately as they can instantly update their timesheets right then and there. This can be done either via their Outlook (also when offline) and via their smartphones as well.

The benefits of using great Outlook time tracking software are so many that you can be sure that your business will surely improve in all aspects, especially in its operational excellence.


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