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How To Do Time Tracking In Your Outlook Calendar

Time Tracking Outlook

Time Tracking Outlook

How To Do Time Tracking In Your Outlook Calendar

Having an employee track the time spent on different activities helps the organization understand how much time is being spent on each activity and whether the time is being spent efficiently. It also allows the employee to understand if they need to be doing things differently so that it takes them less time to finish a particular task – perhaps they might request additional help or additional training in that area. To carry out accurate time tracking, one does not need to purchase any fancy time tracking software or use specialized tools. Microsoft Outlook, one of the most popular tools used in business organizations today comes equipped with a set of very powerful time tracking tools that will help employees track how they spend their time and management to study if that time is being spent efficiently.

Time Tracking in Outlook with TimeSheet Reporter

The Outlook Calendar together with TimeSheet Reporter is a greatl time tracking solution. Many employees predominantly use Outlook calendar to schedule the start of tasks, meetings and appointments. Outlook calendar can be easily used for tracking tasks since it gives a quick view of what task has to be completed on what day.

The only feature missing from Outlook calendar is the ability to carry out time tracking for various tasks at various stages and to be able to submit the timesheets immediately after the task has been completed.
With TimeSheet Reporter, employees now have the ability to use the simple interface of Outlook calendar to schedule their tasks and meetings. Further, once the task has been completed, they can simply submit the timesheets from Outlook calendar.

TimeSheet Reporter also makes time tracking easy for supervisors who have to keep track of which employees have not send in their timesheets. They can define the number of hours that have to be reported to them for each day of the week. They can then attach specific employees to each calendar and if timesheets have not been submitted according to the number of hours, notifications can be sent out.

TimeSheet Reporter makes the time tracking feature in Outlook calendar work more efficiently and helps supervisors monitor employees better. Further, organizations do not have to spend time and effort in training employees to use new time tracking systems since they can use their Outlook calendar, which they are all familiar with, as their standard timesheet reporting tool.



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