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How To Export Your TSR Timesheets to Excel

How To Export Your TSR Timesheets to Excel

How To Export Your TSR Timesheets to Excel

For a lot of our clients, the build-in reporting function of TSR is enough, but we also have a lot of clients who export their time entries, created with TSR, to other programs (for example ERP, CRM or simply Microsoft Excel).

To see how you can export your time entries created with TSR to other programs, please see this guide, which also includes a video:

The video above shows how to import this data to Excel, but you can actually import to almost any program that allows data import.

Besides using the TSR WebAdmin to do this data sharing with TSR DataBridge, you can also do it via command line/scripting. This is described in more details in the bottom of the page linked to above.

If you need any help with this, you’re always welcome to contact us.




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