How to Generate a Report From Your Outlook Calendar – How to Get Your Workforce to Use Time Tracking Software

How to Generate a Report From Your Outlook Calendar – How to Get Your Workforce to Use Time Tracking Software
How to Generate a Report From Your Outlook Calendar – How to Get Your Workforce to Use Time Tracking Software

If you manage a business and have a large or even a small workforce working for you, it can sometimes be tough to motivate them and ensure that they are utilizing their time at work in the most productive ways possible. 

A business is only as strong as its weakest employees and if your business isn’t benefitting from a fully motivated workforce this will likely be reflected in your takings. 

If this is a concern for you then worry not, because with time tracking software, soon enough things will start to turn around. 

The biggest issue when it comes to time tracking software, though, is actually understanding how to use it correctly and motivating your employees to use it correctly. 

Whether you’re wondering how to generate a report from your Outlook calendar, or simply how to teach your employees to correctly fill in their timesheets for the day, here’s a look at how to get your workforce to use time tracking software. 

Explain the importance of time tracking

First and foremost, when you discuss the possibility of implementing time tracking software in the workplace, you need to prepare yourself for hesitation from some of your employees. 

Some employees may likely be against it at first, as they may see it as a way of you keeping tabs on them and making sure they aren’t slacking off. The truth of the matter, though, is that you are doing it to make life easier for them and to improve the business. 

Your goal in business is to make money. If the business isn’t making money then all of their jobs are in danger and that should rightfully be a real concern for them. 

When discussing the possibility of using time tracking software at work, emphasize the importance of the software to show your workforce how much easier it will make their lives and how it could help offer financial security.

Show how easy it is to generate a report from your Outlook calendar

Another way to help get your employees to use time tracking software is to simply show them just how easy it is to use. 

Show them how to generate a report from your Outlook calendar, teach them how to use the software’s basic functions, and teach them how to use the software properly. 

With a solution like TimeSheet Reporter, you can use your Outlook calendar entries as the basis for your time tracking, and easily generate reports based on this, to show how time is being spent across the organization.

Once they see just how easy it is to use, they will be more inclined to use it and soon enough it will become second nature to them. 

Ensure that there are clear guidelines in place

In order for your employees to really get the most from time tracking, they need to know what is expected of them. 

When implementing time tracking software in the very early stages, be sure to ensure that employees know what is expected of them. 

Remember, the reports generated will be useless if they’re not relevant to specific projects and tasks. Be crystal clear with what you expect your employees to do with the software. Make sure they track time under the right projects, be sure that they update their timesheets as they go, and anything else deemed important and relevant for your business. 

Offer them the necessary help

When you go with time tracking software, you ideally want one that integrates with Outlook, as in that way you can use the various features on Outlook such as the calendar. 

If an employee wants to know how to generate a report from your Outlook calendar, you can sit down with them and show them precisely how it is done. 

To ensure that things run smoothly, when using the software for the first time, offer your employees help and training to make sure that they know how to use it correctly.

When you offer them help and support, they’ll see just how invested in the software you are and indeed, in making their lives easier, which will help set their minds at ease. 

Share reports to build trust

Believe it or not, but time tracking software in the workplace can actually serve as a very effective morale booster. 

When you take the data collected by the software at the end of a working week, you can share the reports with your employees and use them to build trust and boost morale. 

The software will indicate just how much work each employee has done and how hard they’ve worked which you can then use to express your gratitude and encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing. 

By analysing the data you can look at how far along each employee or team is with each project, and you can then use the data as a method of positive reinforcement. 

Just remember that you should not use the data as a way of shaming employees or disciplining them in public or in front of the other employees. If the data collected does indicate that an employee may be struggling somewhat, use the info gathered as a way of sitting down with them and finding out what they’re struggling with and how you can overcome that. 

Follow up with employees and ask for feedback

Once you’ve implemented the software and have had it in the workplace for a while, the next thing you should do is follow up and ask for feedback. 

Ask them how they feel about the software now that it’s been implemented for a while, and ask if they are struggling with anything or if they have any concerns. 

In terms of how to generate a report from your Outlook calendar for example, in the early stages it may have been something you needed to learn, but now hopefully, that it’s been a while, it will actually be much easier. 

By following up and asking for feedback you are giving them the chance to express any concerns they may have, or to simply let you know how they’re finding the software in general.

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