How To Get The Best Time Tracking for Your Business

How To Get The Best Time Tracking for Your Business

How To Get The Best Time Tracking for Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur or manager, you would know that time is one of the most critical resources of any business. Wasting time is the same as wasting money, so you want your people to be as efficient as possible in using their time. How a company manages employee time can greatly affect its overall success and profitability.

When a company hires people to work for it, they are expected to be as productive as they can during its formal office hours. But if a company is not implementing a proper time tracking and monitoring system, it may be losing precious income from wasted manpower time.

Implementing a solid time tracking program is therefore a necessity if you want to maximize your company’s potential earnings.

The Best Time Tracking Tool for Your Business

The best time tracking tool available in the market today has the Microsoft Outlook Calendar as its base program, which is supplemented by an add-on to specifically cater the demands of any business. This solution is provided by TimeSheet Reporter and makes it possible to use your Outlook appointments as the basis of your time reporting.

What is great about the Outlook Calendar is that it is simple and easy to use. Your employees do not have to be technology savvy to operate it. It is readily available as well, as it is already pre-installed and used on most office computers.

You can also save on training expenses because a simple orientation would do to explain the special features of this improved Outlook-based program. Since most of your staff may be using the Outlook Calendar for their personal schedules already, you don’t need to lose valuable manpower hours in conducting a seminar about the new system.

Special Features of the Improved Outlook Time Tracking Tool

Aside from correctly tracking employee time, the improved Outlook Calendar can also generate comprehensive reports for your employees as well. They don’t need to spend a whole working day or half of it just crafting a sensible report and figuring out which type of data to include. The solution by TimeSheet Reporter will take care of that automatically.

The program can also be accessed outside the office with its mobile features. This is a huge help for field workers who needed to input their timesheet data as soon as possible, to have accurate customer billings.

It’s possible to report time via Outlook, even when offline, and also via your smartphone.

Another great feature of the software is that it can be integrated with critical company systems such as CRM, ERP, and accounting. The company will be able to generate more wide-ranging and inclusive reports because of it.

If you are looking for the best time tracking that will meet all the time management requirements of your business, then this Outlook-based program is your best choice. Check it out right now.

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