How To Improve Productivity with TimeSheet Reporter

How To Improve Productivity with TimeSheet Reporter

How To Improve Productivity with TimeSheet Reporter

Have you ever wondered how a business would go by without a proper monitoring and tracking system in place? Clearly, it would end up becoming a company saddled with employee and managerial challenges.

In the business world, you don’t need any type of inefficiency. Inefficiencies are unacceptable because time equals money – if you waste time, then you also waste money.

One thing that can help people be more time-conscious is TimeSheet Reporter.

Make Things Simpler

Do you want your organization to simplify the process of timesheet reporting? To save time and resources? To be stronger, more efficient and more competitive?

Timesheet reporting can be a very challenging task, aside from being daunting and time-consuming. It’s a task not really enjoyed by employees since it entails them to exert a lot of effort on a task that can be done more easily. Managers on the other hand don’t like to keep reminding their employees to do the reporting.

Allotting time for this supposedly easy task makes staff veer away from the more important things such as spending time on projects and required responsibilities. Time spent on timesheet reporting lessens time for the actual work, thus decreasing productivity.

And here’s where TimeSheet Reporter comes in.

Missing Puzzle Piece

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular calendar systems on the market, wherein activities and projects are aptly scheduled via appointments. And so, TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to register time on those projects directly from your Outlook calendar.

TSR allows you to get standard reports as well, and have a supervisor approve your time entries. These time entries can include both your work time as well as vacation and your sick leaves if you like to. The time you spent for work-related duties are tracked so you always know how much time you’ve spent on different projects and activities.

TimeSheet Reporter is created to make it easier for everybody who uses it – both staff and management alike. Users and administrators can both see an overview of all their time entries. They can see both approved and non-approved time entries in the system.  And once the employees have submitted their entries, the supervisors or the assigned approvers can either approve or reject these.

TSR can also allow you to control the access and permissions of the users. You can assign who will have access to create time entries. You can indicate who is responsible for approving time entries. You can designate people who’ll work on reports, and so on and so forth.

Manage Time Wisely 

Using time effectively translates into greater business profits, employee efficiency and more time to work on what matters. Time management affects productivity, and in turn, has an effect on success and business profitability. At the end of the day, people always tend to reflect if their day was productive, and a different sense of fulfillment will come upon realizing that you were able to finish all tasks you needed to work on for that day.

If you can control your time, then you can control your life. You may not have incorporated everything into your own system yet, but a big step on the way is TimeSheet Reporter.


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