How to Improve Your Organization With a Proper Timesheet Reporting System

How to Improve Your Organization With a Proper Timesheet Reporting System

How to Improve Your Organization With a Proper Timesheet Reporting System

A truly effective timesheet reporting system not only saves time and money for an organization but also supports the entire collaboration, monitoring and reporting functions of the organization.

The primary task of a timesheet reporting system would seem to be tracking the time spent by employees on various internal projects as well as client projects. This would allow the accounting system to make payroll calculations for various employees and bill clients for the number of hours that was spent on their projects.

The earlier system of making manual time entries would lead to missing hours and errors in payroll computations leading to great employee and management dissatisfaction. Modern timesheet reporting systems have now automated the entire process to a great degree, leading to far greater accuracy in payroll computation and in the billing of clients. However, the challenge lies in finding a proper timesheet reporting system that is user-friendly, integrates well with other systems of the business organization and goes beyond mere time tracking to give management the power to raise the efficiency levels of their company.

Many employees work on multiple projects – some internal and some for external clients. At times, they are so busy with their work that they do not remember to enter their times or enter it wrongly, leading to many missing hours. Clients are thus billed for fewer hours, which can result in losses of thousands of dollars for the company.

Increase profits and control with a good timesheet reporting system

What you need is a timesheet reporting solution that builds on the systems that your employees are most familiar working with, such as Microsoft Outlook. This will allow employees to quickly and accurately enter their time entries as well as drastically reduce the number of missing hours. In other words, proper timesheet reporting will lead to increased profits and control for the organization.

A proper timesheet reporting system should not be limited to mere time tracking but give supervisors the ability to quickly overview the time entries and also provide management with a comprehensive picture of the status of the projects. This will help management achieve greater control over the projects. As far as current projects are concerned, managers can identify what corrective measures should be taken so that the project is completed with the time and costs budgets specified. For future projects, managers can have a better idea of how long projects of a similar nature are going to take or going to cost.

Finally, it should be possible to integrate a timesheet reporting system into existing systems such as accounting, CRM or ERP to ensure that there are no errors when data is being transferred between the timesheet reporting system and the various other business systems. Along with avoiding duplication errors, integration with an existing infrastructure will save a lot of time, increase trust with customers and improve efficiency.

If you believe that it is hard to find a timesheet reporting system that comes packed with all the above features, you only need to take just one look at TimeSheet Reporter®. Its user-friendly features that let employees work with Microsoft Outlook make registering times for different projects a breeze. It integrates beautifully with all existing systems and moreover, it comes with powerful features that will help management take their organizations to new heights.


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