How To Improve Your Project Plan With An Outlook Calendar Reporting Tool

How To Improve Your Project Plan With An Outlook Calendar Reporting Tool

The projects that are taking place within your company are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of the business. Not only do these projects need to be completed on time, but they also need to be completed with accuracy. After all, your projects are what makes your business run (internal projects) and possibly produce your revenue stream (external projects). Without these projects, you would not be making any money and the organization would not work. This is why it is imperative to keep the projects running smoothly and efficiently. Of course, when you have tons of different projects going on at one time this can be quite the task. This is where the right Outlook Calendar reporting tool can come in handy.

Get Daily Reports Of Projects

As a manager you are probably constantly busy. You no doubt have tons of paperwork and meetings that you have to take care of. This often leaves you little time to check in on these projects throughout the day. Sure, you have assigned project managers to each project, but this doesn’t mean that things are always going to run effectively and smoothly. This is exactly where time tracking software can help. The software will allow you and other administrators to pull standard daily reports that will include multitudes of information. You can see how much time is being spent on projects, the money that is going into these projects, the number of employees on each project, the hours the employees are putting in for each project, and tons more stuff.

Viewing these reports and making comparisons will allow you and other administrators to make the necessary changes and adjustments where they are needed.

Customize Your Reports To Suit Your Needs

One of the best things about time tracking software is that you can customize the above-mentioned reports. Instead of getting reports filled with meaningless information that you have to spend twenty minutes cyphering through, you can customize the reports so that you only get the relevant information. This will not only save you time, but it will make everything much more efficient. Another unique thing is that these reports can be customized in bar graphs or pie graphs also. Not only does this make the information more meaningful, but also it makes it more visually appealing and helps with the overview.

Assign Roles

Do you want all of your users, project managers and administrators to have access to the same information that you have access to? Maybe you just want your regular users to be able to report time, and give access to more thing for project managers. Whatever the situation is, the right time tracking software will give you the ability to do whatever you want. If you want your project managers to only be able to report time, you can assign the software to give them only those abilities. If you want them to be able to compare project costs and revenue as well as time, you can give them the ability to do just that. The best time tracking software will allow you to asign roles to each employee, which specifies what they are able to do in the system.

An Outlook Calendar Reporting Tool Makes It Easier

For most managers it can be considered a major hassle to switch their employees over to a new platform. Anytime a company adopts new software or a new way of doing things it usually requires hours and hours of training. This not only sucks up resources, but it greatly slows down productivity. Fortunately, this is something that you should be able to avoid with the right time tracking software. The best time tracking software will integrate with your Outlook Calendar, which is an extremely common workplace tool. There is a good chance that you and your employees are already using this for handling emails and scheduling. 

This means it will take very little time for you and your employees to adapt to using this new software. In fact, there might not be any training required at all.

Make Employees Feel More Valued

Have you ever heard the expression that a happy employee is a more productive employee? Well, this is not just an expression. It has actually been scientifically proven in many workplaces that this is completely true. The right time tracking software for your company can help your employees feel more valued and a valued employee is going to be a happy one. How exactly can time tracking software do this? When you are pulling reports and comparing projects, you will see which ones are behind schedule and which ones are ahead of schedule.

This will give you the ability to pull employees from the projects that are ahead and reallocate them to the projects that are lagging behind. Doing this will not only speed up the project that is lacking, but it will make the employee feel like their work is valued. It will make them feel as if they are needed in the workplace to keep things running smoothly. You can also pull reports of employee that are putting the most time in on projects and reward them with more important roles whenever possible. Maybe you could even give them their own project plan. 

Stay On Your Project Plan Also When Out of Office

You and your administrators are probably not always in the office. There might be times when you have to attend outside meetings or do offsite training. In fact, you might find yourself out of the office for days at a time, which makes it even harder to find out how your projects are running. However, with the right time tracking software you will be able to stay connected and plugged in at all time. The best time tracking programs out there will allow you to report hours and access reports, even when you’re not in the office. Your administrators and users will have the same privileges if they find themselves out of the office as well.

Notifications Of Missing Time

When employees are deep into projects it can be extremely easy for them to get overwhelmed. They often times find themselves lost in the project. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when this happens they may forget to report their time. Without just a single employee’s time you are not going to get accurate reports. Plus, that employee might end up not getting paid for time that he or she put in at the end of the week, and your clients may not be billed properly. Time tracking software can change this, because it will send notifications to employees letting them know if they’ve forgotten to report their hours. This will keep reports accurate and employees happy.

So overall, if you want your project plan to run as smoothly as possible, it’s paramount that your time tracking solution is easy for users to use, and at the same time accurate. You can accomplish all this with an Outlook Calendar reporting tool.

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