How to Keep Track of Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar Time with TimeSheet Reporter

How to Keep Track of Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar Time with TimeSheet Reporter

How to Keep Track of Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar Time with TimeSheet Reporter

One of the great ironies of timesheet reporting is that without the proper tools it can actually be time consuming in itself. You can lose so much time filling in your timesheet that people often put it off until the last possible moment, since they think that they could be more productively occupied. That delay has the unfortunate consequence of misreporting the hours spent on your projects, often to a degree that can lose your company thousands of dollars a month. Using TimeSheet Reporter (TSR) to keep track of Microsoft Outlook calendar time can help you avoid such costly losses.

Outlook Calendar Time – The Difference

TimeSheet Reporter differs from other timesheet applications in that it allows you to utilize the very popular Microsoft Outlook for keeping track of hours instead of having to install another application specifically for that purpose. This way, you can use the same software to make an appointment and report the hours you spent on the activity in a convenient and timely manner. You spend very little effort on this activity as all you have to do is add a little extra information when you make the appointment in the MS Outlook Calendar, chiefly comprising of the activity to be done and the project and organization that it’s for.

Once the appointment is done, the entry (and any comments you might have to add) can be submitted to a supervisor for approval. It can then be used for project management or to calculate a client’s bill or shared with other systems such as ERP or CRM for maximum efficiency.

There are many advantages to TSR’s outlook calendar time system, not least of which is an increase in savings and revenue. Your business will save money because employees save time when they use TSR, and you will stop losing money because of inaccurate time reporting. And even if your company isn’t one that bills by the hour, getting a clear idea of how employees spend their time at work is invaluable if you want to gauge the overall efficiency of your business.

It helps a lot that TSR can be used effectively no matter the size or location of your company. So if you’re looking for timesheet reporting software, you need not look any further than TimeSheet Reporter. Browse around our website today to get a free trial of the outlook calendar time system.

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