Improve Your Project Report – How To Avoid Late Submission Of Timesheets

Improve Your Project Report – How To Avoid Late Submission Of Timesheets

Improve Your Project Report – How To Avoid Late Submission Of Timesheets

Have you been put in charge of running and managing a project? If so, you may encounter challenges (which can be overcome). Running a project can sometimes be quite challenging. You’ll need to keep track of your employees and make sure that they’re getting their work finished on time. Plus, you’re going to need to make sure that your employees are being paid. This is why you need to improve your project report and ensure that late submission of timesheets is avoided at all costs. Choosing a solution that works flawlessly with Outlook is highly recommended. You’ll find out why that is the case below.

No More Guessing

When it comes down to it, you need to find a solution that is going to integrate seamlessly. Some programs are immensely difficult to understand. If your staff is not able to understand the program, there is a good chance that late submission of timesheets is going to happen more and more frequently. This is why you should choose a product that works with Outlook. This will make a big difference. You won’t have to worry about your workforce getting slowed down along the way. After all, they already know Outlook like the back of their hand.

This will give them the ability to submit their time with maximum ease and convenience. Plus, it’ll greatly improve the accuracy of your project report in the end.

Time Spent Overviews with the Right Project Report

As mentioned above, you need to know where your employees are at all times. When they’re out in the field, you need to know what they’re working on and what they’ve gotten done. This is yet another reason that you should choose the right solution. Your software should give you a complete overview of the time spent. Users should also be able to get the same information. By being able to look at the time entries, you’ll know that your employees have been working hard on the project at hand.

At the same time, this will allow your employees to check over their entries. If they notice anything out of the ordinary, they’ll be able to fix it right away. Obviously, this will cut down significantly on late submission of timesheets.

Missing Entry Notifications – No More Late Submission of Timesheets

Things are going to go wrong from time to time. After all, you may be running a massive project and possibly multiple members of staff. Your employees are going to get busy and there is a good chance that they’ll mistakenly fail to submit their timesheet. This won’t be a problem with an Outlook based time reporting software. The software should give you the ability to send notifications to staff members to remind them of unreported hours. The software will make it possible for you to configure calendars and define the number of hours that should be reported for the day and week.

Should anything be left out, the software will make sure that the employee is aware of their missing entry. In return, this will guarantee that your project report is completed and no timesheet entries have been left out.

Approval Of Entries

At the same time, you need to choose timesheet reporting software that gives you the ability to approve time entries. After the user has submitted their times, you should have the ability to approve or reject them at a minute’s notice. It may be possible to do this in bulk, but you can also make approvals for each specific entry. If the employee has done something wrong or made a mistake, you can reject the entry. Then, this will send them a notification so they can make the required adjustments. Again, this feature guarantees that your reports are completely accurate and that the staff members get the right hours submitted on time every time.

Manual Editing And Entry

From time to time, your employees may mistakenly forget to submit their time. This won’t be a problem as long as you have the right software at your disposal. With an Outlook based reporting software, you’ll be able to fix this problem manually. Just chat with your employees and find out what went wrong. Then, you’ll be able to enter the system and change the numbers manually. You can also make complete entries in the same manner. You can even give some users the ability to report time for other people.

This is a good option when someone is sick or they’ve forgotten to submit their time at the end of the work shift. Either way, it is imperative to choose a software that gives you the ability to enter and edit data manually.

Smartphone Accessibility

It is always best to choose an Outlook time reporting software that makes it possible for employees to submit their time using a smartphone as well. The software should be compatible with all major phones, including iPhone, Windows, and Android. The program’s web interface should be fully customized for screens of all shapes and sizes. This guarantees that staff will be able to submit their time entries from anywhere in the world. Even if they don’t have access to Outlook, they’ll still be able to get their time submitted on time.

Any Language

The world is becoming more and more diverse. There is a good chance that you have a few Spanish or German speaking individuals on your roster. If this is the case, you’re going to need to accommodate these individuals. After all, they might not be able to read English very well or in all cases prefer to work in their own language. The good news is that the right time tracking software can help. With the right software, you’ll be able to choose any language that you want. You can even edit the language files to better suit the needs of your company and its employees. The right software will be suitable for everyone on your team.

Determining Permissions

It is also imperative to make sure that you choose a tracking program that allows you to adjust permissions based on role. You will have the ability to set up different roles. Then, you’ll be able to assign specific roles to each user. For instance, some employees will only be allowed to submit and view their time entries. A few special staff members may be able to view and approve or reject those entries. This might seem like a small benefit, but it’ll prove to be very beneficial. It’ll ensure that your staff does not get confused with unnecessary settings. Plus, you’ll be able to get help from others to approve and reject time entries.

Share Reports With the Management Team

Once you retrieve the reports for the month, you will be able to share them with every member of your management team. With this time tracking software, you can share data with other systems, such as Excel, ERP and CRM, to share reports with other members of your staff and management team, as well as employees. The idea of the software is to increase productivity, by allowing your business to perform time tracking tasks quicker and easier.

Stop Wasting Valuable Resources And Get Organized

While the economy might not currently be in the best of shape, it is now more important than ever for companies to be organized and efficient. Not only could this potentially make your company more productive, but it could also save you a bundle of money in the process. This is exactly where the right time tracking software can come in handy. You could have two or three employees compiling reports and tracking numbers all day long when a good time tracking program could automatically do this for you. This would free up those employees and allow you to utilize their skills on other projects or tasks.

Not only this, but a good time tracking software will also allow you to be better organized, as you can see exactly what projects your employees are working on and how long they have been working on those projects. In certain situations, you might be able to move around or allocate resources to speed up important projects.

Accessing And Acquiring Standard Reports

As a manager of the company it is safe to assume that there are a variety of reports that come across your desk each and every day. You probably spend a good fifteen to twenty minutes skimming through useless numbers until you find what you are actually looking for. Well, with time tracking software that can become a thing of the past. Not only can you customize your reports, so that you can pull the specific information that you are looking for, but you can also pull standard reports anytime of the day. Whether you want to see how long the project down the hall is taking or if you want to know about all the different projects that your teams are working on, you could truly have the option of doing so with the right time reporting software.

This will not only make your job easier in the long run, but it will help you make better decisions as where to allocate your most valuable resources. In addition to all of this, with the best time tracking software program, you can literally customize your reports to make them more exciting and entertaining. Instead of just looking at a bunch of numbers, you can access colorful pie charts or graphic bar graphs.

So all in all, having a proper timesheet reporting solution in place will not only help insure that late submission of timesheets will be a thing of the past, but it will also improve your project report overall.

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